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  1. Utility 9X9 Gear Set™
  2. AUD$39.99
    Flex Drop Pouch
  3. AUD$44.99
    Flex Admin Pouch
  4. AUD$59.99
    Flex Med Pouch
  5. AUD$49.99
    Flex Radio 2.0 Pouch
  6. AUD$39.99
    Flex Tourniquet Pouch
  7. AUD$49.99
    Flex 6 x 9 Vertical Pouch
  8. AUD$49.99
    Flex 9 x 6 Horizontal Pouch
  9. AUD$34.99
    Flex Disposable Glove Pouch
  10. AUD$49.99
    Flex Vertical GP Pouch
  11. AUD$29.99
    Flex Flashlight Pouch

11 Items

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More About Pouches

Proper storage is the backbone of any tactical loadout, and 5.11 Tactical Velcro & Molle pouches provide the customization, reliability, and storage capacity you need in the field. Available in a wide range of colors, functions, and closure styles, 5.11 web gear-compatible MOLLE pouches are designed to offer quick accessibility, secure carrying, complete weather protection, and fully customizable functionality tailored to your specific role. From our full-sized padded tactical pouches to our interchangeable MOLLE vest pouches to our individualized magazine and ammunition storage packs, 5.11 tactical pouches give you the freedom, flexibility, and performance you need to overcome any obstacle.