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  1. AUD$139.99
    RUSH12™ 2.0 Backpack 24L
  2. AUD$149.99
    Overwatch Messenger 18L
  3. AUD$134.99
    Overwatch Briefcase 16L
  4. AUD$249.99
    TacTec® Plate Carrier
  5. AUD$229.99
    AMP12™ Backpack 25L
  6. AUD$259.99
    AMP24™ Backpack 32L
  7. AUD$249.99
    RUSH72™ 2.0 Backpack 55L
  8. AUD$99.99
    Combat Belt
  9. AUD$34.99
    ThumbDrive® Drop and Offset Kit
  10. AUD$34.99
    Double Deploy Gear Set™
  11. AUD$49.99
    HEXGRID 9X9 Gear Set™
  12. AUD$74.99
    2 Banger Gear Set™
  13. AUD$179.99
    RUSH24™ 2.0 Backpack 37L
  14. AUD$349.99
    RUSH100™ Backpack 60L
  15. AUD$59.99
    LV6 Waist Pack 3L
  16. AUD$29.99
    Excursion Card Wallet
  17. AUD$149.99
    LV10 Sling Pack 13L
  18. AUD$189.99
    LV18 Backpack 30L
  19. AUD$219.99
    AMP10™ Backpack 20L
  20. AUD$49.99
    Admin Gear Set™
  21. AUD$99.99
    Patrol Ready™ 40L
  22. AUD$99.99
    RUSH MOAB™ 6 Sling Pack 11L
  23. AUD$139.99
    RUSH MOAB™ 10 Sling Pack 18L
  24. AUD$79.99
    Bail Out Bag 9L
  25. AUD$119.99
    Range Qualifier™ Bag 18L
  26. Utility 9X9 Gear Set™
  27. Regular Price AUD$299.99 Special Price AUD$209.99
    GEO7™ TacTec® Plate Carrier
  28. AUD$9.99
    Hardpoint M1+ MD
  29. AUD$39.99
    Flex Drop Pouch
  30. AUD$7.99
    Hardpoint MK1 Carabiner
  31. AUD$44.99
    Flex Admin Pouch
  32. AUD$89.99
    4-Banger Bag 5L
  33. AUD$79.99
    2-Banger Bag 3L
  34. AUD$8.99
    Hardpoint M2 Carabiner
  35. AUD$59.99
    Flex Med Pouch
  36. AUD$139.99
    Side Trip™ Briefcase 32L
  37. AUD$49.99
    Flex Radio 2.0 Pouch
  38. AUD$9.99
    Hardpoint M3 Carabiner
  39. AUD$39.99
    Flex Tourniquet Pouch
  40. AUD$49.99
    Flex 6 x 9 Vertical Pouch
  41. AUD$49.99
    Flex 9 x 6 Horizontal Pouch
  42. AUD$34.99
    Flex Disposable Glove Pouch
  43. AUD$49.99
    Flex Vertical GP Pouch
  44. AUD$129.99
    LBE Tactical Vest
  45. AUD$29.99
    Flex Flashlight Pouch

45 Items

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5.11 Tactical Bags and Backpacks provide reliable, multifunctional storage and transport options designed to excel in a wide range of operational and recreational settings. From our precision engineered rifle and pistol cases to our full line of modular, MOLLE-compatible web platform pouches, 5.11 uses premium quality materials and modern construction techniques to ensure maximum durability and reliability in any weather and across any terrain. Each series of tactical gear packs produced by 5.11 fulfills a specific role, from the support provided by our M4 COVRT rifle case to the comprehensive tactical and travel utility of our DC Roller. Whether you need rugged and reliable gear packs for your next hunting trip or full-sized tactical bags for extended travel, 5.11 Tactical Bags and Backpacks give you the performance you need without slowing you down.