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  1. AUD$214.99
    Maverick Battle Belt
  2. AUD$24.99
    1.5" TDU® Low Pro Belt
  3. AUD$49.99
    1.5" Basketweave Leather Belt
  4. AUD$119.99
    Maverick Assaulters Belt
  5. AUD$39.99
    Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt
  6. AUD$49.99
    1.75" Operator Belt
  7. AUD$49.99
    1.5" Trainer Belt
  8. AUD$19.99
    1.5" TDU® Belt
  9. AUD$24.99
    1.75" TDU® Belt
  10. AUD$79.99
    1.5" Apex Gunner's Belt
  11. AUD$29.99
    1.75" Double Duty TDU® Belt
  12. AUD$29.99
    1.5" Double Duty TDU® Belt
  13. AUD$69.99
    Sierra Bravo Duty Belt
  14. AUD$99.99
    Combat Belt

14 Items

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More About Belts

5.11 Tactical belts offer high quality craftsmanship, modular compatibility, and enhanced tensile strength for a secure, comfortable fit at all times. Stylish enough for everyday casual wear but tough enough for tactical deployment, 5.11 Tactical Belts are designed to provide mission-specific support for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a reliable patrol duty belt or an inconspicuous CCW wear belt that supports an internal holster, 5.11 Tactical Belts offer a host of features, a perfect fit, and all the functionality you need to make it through your shift.