More About Hot Weather Uniforms

The 5.11 Tactical Hot Weather Uniforms are your ally against high temperatures, offering comfort and tactical efficiency when it counts.

  • Dynamic Flexibility and Comfort: Features mechanical stretch fabric for exceptional mobility and a fit tailored for both male and female operators, ensuring agility and a perfect fit.
  • Cool and Resilient: Combines breathable fabrics with durable woven elements in high-stress areas, offering an intelligent balance of comfort and toughness.
  • Tactical Practicality: Features strategically located pockets, glove-friendly adjustments, and a unified MultiCam design for a seamless tactical appearance.
  • Rapid-Dry and Anti-Chafe: Quick-drying materials and strategically placed seams provide comfort, reducing chafing during active operations.

Gear up in 5.11 Tactical Hot Weather Uniforms to stay cool and tactical, no matter the mission or the temperature.

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