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Style# 74310

EMS Pant

Average rating of 87%

(182 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

Designed with direct feedback from EMS professionals worldwide, 5.11’s EMS Pant is the best in the business. Crafted from poly/cotton twill fabric, these pants feature a self-adjusting waistband, fully gusseted inseam, and double-reinforced seat and knees. Thigh-mounted cargo pockets offer internal dividers for sorting your essential gear, secondary cargo pockets at the calf provide additional storage, and a web strap allows a customized loadout. An unbeatable setup for a demanding job.



  • High-performance twill EMS pants
  • Enhanced durability, comfort, and range of motion
  • Extra pockets sized and placed for EMS use



  • 7.25 oz. polyester/cotton twill fabric
  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband
  • Gripper tape on inside of the waist band to keep shirt tucked in
  • Fully gusseted construction
  • Double-reinforced seat and knees (kneepad ready)
  • Thigh-mounted cargo pockets with internal compartments
  • Calf cargo pockets
  • Double-time belt loops
  • Web strap
  • TEFLON® finish
  • YKK® zippers
  • Prym® snaps

Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 182 reviews)

87 %


Leg space fo dayz

By Randy


Just got my package of pants I ordered, and boy was I happy... that I do not have the body style these pants must have been made for. Are you serious with the leg size? I could, no joke, put two of my legs in each leg of these pants. And don't feed me garbage about how "this is so people can move freely in the pants", because I seem to move just fine in other brands that lack your brand's characteristic M.C. Hammer design. Maybe you guys at 511 could spend less time designing TACTICAL KILTS (you joking with these?) and more time designing pants without enormously wide legs. It's almost like these pants were constructed by aliens, who have heard about humans, maybe seen a crude sketch of one once, and assumed "i bet their legs must be so very thick, better make the legs equal to/greater than the waist size". And don't get me started on the pockets. Yeah I work in EMS, and yeah I carry alot of loot, but I have never, not once, considered storing gear on my damn ankles. What would I keep there? Please understand that just because you COULD fit a pocket there, doesn't mean you SHOULD. And the back pockets? Why they gotta be that slash-diagonal design weirdness. Like just make some regular pockets. And if anyone complains like "ohhhh I can't put my whatever in these normal appropriate pockets wahh", just inform them that thanks to 511 overly spacious tent-style pants, they could in fact wear 2 or 3 additional pair of pants underneath their top pants, and each additional pair comes with the patented 83 (or whatever) pockets.

The belt I ordered I'll keep though, it looks fly.


Tactlite Ems pants

By Kellen


I bought my first pair and I am very pleased. I will by more very soon. Thank you for everything.


Wore out in 9 months

By The always prepared person

from Southampton pa

I use these at work 3 days a week on a private ambulance. I like these a lot except the crotch on mine wore thin and tore at the seams within 9 months.


not just for EMS

By Tower Dog

from All over the U.S.

I bought these as a "test" pair of pants to use as a cell tower climber and a year later they are still passing with flying colors. Will definitely be adding a lot more pairs of these to the inventory for my climbing gear. Works well hot or old and all the pockets when you up on that tower are a life saver.


Great EMS pants

By EMSer

from United States

I am an EMT and I have several 5.11 pants and love their quality. They have stood up better than the "others" I have owned and why I spend more on the 5.11 despite the 46" waste pants costing more and not being hemmed.


Only brand I will buy now!


from Linton, ND

I have worked in EMS for almost 15 years. The only pants I ever wore were protuff brand, until I tried 5.11. Now these are the only brand I will buy. The numerous pockets serve their purpose well. No worries about the crotch tearing or wearing out. The combination of velcro and buttons on the cargo pockets assures no lost scissors or tape. Great quality. I wear these pants approx 40-100 hours per week.


would buy again

By kyle

from kankakee,il

use these pants all the time. the biggest problem I find is the area around the zipper always rips. other than that love the pants.


stitching around fly rips

By solivant

from philadelphia

i own three pair. stitching around fly ripped on two of them, really bad. once this issue is correct i call the m perfect.


Best EMS Pants to own

By Derek E

from Hampstead, Maryland

These pants are wonderful. I purchased a pair well over a year ago, they are in excellent condition for the abuse they've been through. No rips, tears, discoloration, anything really. The only con I had was they're just a tiny bit short, enough for me to personally notice but I am also picky. Enough pockets for me to fit all my EMS gear, yet be able to put on turnout pants over top and not be bulky. Wonderful make 5.11 don't change it one bit.


Great Pants

By Elmo the medic

from Corpus Christi, Tx

These pants are great. I have had a few pairs that I still wear for work. I have had my original one's for about 6 years now and they are still holding up to the demands of EMS. I always recommend these pants to my co-workers.

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