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  1. Rapid Origin Pack
    Rapid Origin Pack
  2. RUSH24™ Backpack
    RUSH24™ Backpack
  3. All Hazards Prime Backpack
    All Hazards Prime Backpack
  5. RUSH72™ Backpack
    RUSH72™ Backpack
  6. Rapid Quad Zip Pack
    Rapid Quad Zip Pack
  7. All Hazards Nitro
    All Hazards Nitro
  8. Dart Pack
    Dart Pack
  9. HAVOC 30 Backpack
    HAVOC 30 Backpack
  10. Mira 2-in-1 Camo
    Mira 2-in-1 Camo
  11. Ignitor Backpack
    Ignitor Backpack
  12. COVRT18™ Backpack
    COVRT18™ Backpack
  13. Mira 2-in-1
    Mira 2-in-1
  14. Responder 84 ALS™ Backpack
    Responder 84 ALS™ Backpack
  15. MultiCam Black™ Covert Boxpack
    MultiCam Black™ Covert Boxpack
  16. Covert Boxpack
    Regular Price $99.99 Special Price $39.99
    Covert Boxpack

16 Items

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More About Tactical Backpacks

From our full-sized overland shoulder packs to our compact tactical MOLLE packs, 5.11 Tactical Backpacks are designed to provide comprehensive and modular storage support in any environment or setting. For operators in the field, the MultiCam RUSH and MOAB series of tactical MOLLE backpacks provide integrated web platforms for complete loadout customization. For recreational users, our customizable MOLLE backpacks allow you to tailor your bags to suit your activities and environment. For travel and work, MOLLE packs offer second-stage storage options that keep you organized and mobile. Whatever your needs, all 5.11 tactical backpacks are crafted from premium materials for maximum durability and weather protection.

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