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  1. $82.00
    5.11 Stryke® Women's Pant
  2. $58.00
    Women's TACLITE® Pro Ripstop Pant
  3. $90.00
    Women's Apex™ Pant
  4. $90.00
    Spire Pant
  5. $80.00
    Shella Pant
  6. $80.00
    Britta Denim Jean
  7. $82.00
    Women's Icon Pant
  8. $65.00
    Women's ABR™ Pro Pant
  9. $75.00
    Margo Jogger
  10. $70.00
    PT-R Layla Tight
  11. $70.00
    Amelia Tight
  12. $75.00
    Ashima Tight
  13. $58.00
    Women’s 5.11 Tactical® Cotton Canvas Pant
  14. $68.00
    Women's TACLITE® EMS Pant
  15. $80.00
    Britta Denim Jean
  16. $65.00
    Women’s TDU® Pant
  17. $88.00
    5.11 Stryke® Women's EMS Pant
  18. $68.00
    Women's EMS Pant
  19. $58.00
    Women's Fast-Tac™ Cargo Pant
  20. $75.00
    Women's Company Pant 2.0
  21. $80.00
    Women's Company Cargo Pant 2.0
  22. $50.00
    Women's Fast-Tac™ Urban Pant
  23. $78.00
    Womens NYPD 5.11 Stryke® Twill Pant
  24. $78.00
    Womens NYPD 5.11 Stryke® Ripstop Pant
  25. $80.00
    Women's Twill PDU® Class-A Pant
  26. $70.00
    Women’ s Twill PDU® Class-B Cargo Pant
  27. $65.00
    Women's TACLITE® PDU® Class A Pant
  28. $70.00
    Women's TACLITE® PDU® Cargo Pant - B Class
  29. $65.00
    Women's Twill PDU® Class-A Pant
  30. $88.00
    5.11 Stryke® PDU® Women's Class B Cargo Pant
  31. $27.00
    EXO.K1 Knee Pads
  32. $42.00
    EXO.K Gel Knee Pads
  33. Regular Price $80.00 Special Price $49.49
    Hedda Hybrid Tight
  34. Regular Price $70.00 Special Price $39.49
    Kaia Tight
  35. Regular Price $59.99 Special Price $39.49
    Women's PDU® Go Pant
  36. Regular Price $69.99 Special Price $24.49
    Women's Defender-Flex Slim Pants
  37. Regular Price $79.99 Special Price $54.49
    Ascent Pant
  38. Regular Price $80.00 Special Price $49.49
    Shella Pant
  39. Regular Price $60.00 Special Price $39.49
    Avalon Pant
  40. Regular Price $69.99 Special Price $24.49
    Women's Defender-Flex Slim Pants
  41. Regular Price $69.99 Special Price $24.49
    Mesa Pant
  42. Regular Price $79.99 Special Price $24.49
    5.11 RECON® Jolie Tight
  43. Regular Price $199.99 Special Price $99.49
    Women's XPRT® Tactical Pant

43 Items

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More About Tactical Pants and Cargo Pants for Women

Too often, women find themselves choosing between functionality and comfort when selecting apparel. At 5.11, you’ll never have to prioritize either one again. Our collection features an assortment of tactical pants for women, constructed of high quality, durable fabrics and materials so that they stand up to the wear and tear that comes from the job.

Women’s Tactical Pants

Materials such as our patented two-way mechanical stretch fabric enable you to move freely and comfortably while performing your duties. Gusseted construction provides ample room where it’s needed most. Other features of our tactical pants include articulated knees, Flex-Tac® ripstop fabric, bartacking at major stress points, and a tough Teflon® finish to protect your pants and for added comfort.

Choose from top sellers like our Women’s​ TACLITE® Pro Pant​​​, Women’s​ ​TDU® Pant​​, and our popular​ ​5.11 Stryke® Women’s Pant​​. The latter boasts 12 pockets sized for tactical use and are internal kneepad ready. These are tough and ready for action in any and all situations, and comfortable enough for all-day, everyday wear. Whether for law enforcement or fire, training, or the​ ​range​, or simply as an everyday pant, 5.11 has the right pant for any situation, all designed specifically for females and with attention to every detail. With a fit for everyone, from straight and relaxed to slim and skinny, and a wide range of inseams and colors, you’re sure to find a pant that exceeds your expectations.

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