The conditions we test our materials in are constantly evolving. When we discovered there was nothing out there that would satisfy the requirements we had in mind, the solution was obvious…come up with our own. Combining durability, range of motion, and longevity, we now have three new fabrics you simply won’t find anywhere but 5.11. We don’t reinvent old standards, we create new ones.

More Fabric Features


Fabric that is engineered to avoid snagging for long-term durability and easy wear while retaining its ability to move and stretch. Achieved through fabrics that offer both stretch characteristics and durability.


Provides superior evaporation and heat management for comfort in hot and humid conditions. Achieved through fabrics and construction methods that allow greater airflow and breathability.

2L Waterproof fabric construction - 2 layered construction where a waterproof, breathable membrane is lamninated to the inside of the shell fabric
2L Waterproof fabric construction - 2 layered construction plus a printed layer on the inside of the fabric for the wearer’s comfort.
2L Waterproof fabric construction - 3 layered construction where the layers are laminated together. This creates a more durable garment with lasting waterproof properties.


ANTI-ODOR/ANTI-MICROBIAL: A performance property of the fiber or a finish applied on the fabric that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

ASTM SLIP AND OIL RESISTANT: A footwear property that meets the American Society for Testing and Materials standard for slip resistance.

BBP RESISTANT: Bloodborne Pathogen resistance indicates a material that prevents blood and any organisms within the blood from passing through to the skin.

CSA CERTIFIED: Designates that a product meets the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association for safety or performance.

DWR: Durable Water Repellent is a coating added to fabrics to make them water-resistant.

eVent®: A brand of waterproof fabric that is designed to let sweat out without allowing outside moisture to pass in.

MOISTURE WICKING: A fabric property that forces moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can effectively evaporate away.

OrthoLite®: Eco-friendly and sustainable footwear insoles made from recycled rubbers and proprietary polyurethane material.

PROTECTIVE TOE: A layer of tough, durable material inserted into the toe box of the boot or shoe as a protective measure against impact.

PUNCTURE RESISTANT: The relative ability of a material to prevent the intrusion of a foreign object into the sole of a shoe or boot.

TEFLON™ TREATED: A fabric protector that repels water and oil to successfully resist spills, stains, and splashes.

UPF: Ultraviolet Protection Feature. A rating of 50+ indicates that a fabric blocks at least 98% of the sun’s rays.

VIBRAM®: A vulcanized rubber footwear sole known for its superior insulation, traction, durability and comfort.

YKK ZIPPER: Zippers that are manufactured by Yoshida Company Limited, renowned for their strength, durability, and reliability.

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