The Wild Ones Series 2

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The Wild Ones Series 2 Details

Welcome to the jungle baby. The all-new Wild Ones Blind Pack features 12 patches of the baddest beasts known to man fully fitted in tactical gear. It’ll take an expert marksman to bag the rarest beast of the bunch. You never know what you’re going to find in this jungle, so you better get hunting if you’re going to collect all 12.

  • Compatible with 5.11® apparel and bags
  • Hook-back adhesion for easy on and off
  • Blind packed
  • 12 patches to collect in the series

The Wild Ones Series 2 Specs

Common - 1/9

  • Captain Frank “First-In” (Firefighter Rhino)
  • Knock and Rock (Breacher Rhino)
  • Salty Sam (Pelican)
  • Sarge Swampy (Moose)
  • Lady Alessia (Fox)
  • Doc Savvy (Cheetah)
  • Jimmy “Crumbs” Baker (Duck)
  • Paramedic “Urs” Paratus (Bear)
  • Gerry “Chicklets” (Beaver)
  • Billy “Knickers” Montgomery (Mountain Goat)

Rare - 1/25

  • Chester "Rockshot" (Lemur)

Mystery Chase - 1/100

  • Mystery Character

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