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Style# 58642

VTAC® Combat Belt

Average rating of 80%
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Purpose Built

Engineered in partnership with Viking Tactics® the 5.11® Combat Belt offers superior load distribution and extensive storage customization, allowing you to choose the loadout that best suits the task at hand.

Features & Benefits

  • Evenly distributes weight across your hips
  • Wrap-around MOLLE / 5.11 SlickStick® web platform
  • Polymer inserts for an ergonomic shape


  • Durable, weather resistant 500D nylon
  • Aerospace mesh interior
  • Complements the TRIAB 18 sling bag
  • Imported


  • S. M = 26.5"
  • L. XL = 33"
  • 2. 3X = 42"
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4 average rating

(based on 5 reviews)

80 %

Outstanding product

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Garry F. Owen, Trooper

from SC

The Brokos belt was mentioned in a March, 2013 SWAT magazine article on War Belts as the foundation for holsters, mag pouches, IFAK and dump pouches. Since I'm planning on taking a pistol course followed by a basic carbine course, I thought I'd begin the process of building my kit.
Gone are the days when Uncle Sugar told me what I had to wear and where to wear it. The width of the Brokos belt gives great lower back support, something a regular pistol belt could never do. Being able to thread the Wilderness Instructor belt through the webbing allowed me to have the inner belt exposed for placement of my holster and spare magazine pouches. MOLLE webbing along the rest of the belt give plenty of options for the rest of my "battle rattle." I initially thought that the void of MOLLE webbing at the centerline rear of the belt was a mistake. However, this keeps one from being stupid by doing stupid. Without a place to put anything in the centerline rear, you keep yourself from placing something where you can't reach it with either hand and you save yourself from potential harm by having a pouch with hard objects in it so close to your spine. Besides, if you later have a hydration system along your center back, it won't drop into that dump pouch you were going to put there.
Looking forward to trying my Brokos belt out.

totally awsome belt

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Mighty Mouse

from San Antonio, Tx

Completely satisfied with this product

Comfortable and well though out

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Josh

from East Tennessee

I saw this and realized it was a great improvement on my work belt. This is due to the MOLLE, which gives it flexibility and durability. My one issue is that it does not come with a belt. Yes, you can pick your own belt to use, but for the price, or maybe a bit more, including a rigger's belt would make it perfect directly from the box.

Overall, I like it, and will be recommending it.

Great Piece of Kit!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Q

from New York, NY

This is a great War/Battle belt. I've seem some from other manufacturers costing much more. 5.11 got this right. I use it as a duty rig and partnered with a belt with a quick release cobra belt buckle, it's just what the doctor ordered. The best feature is the slots between the molle panels which allow you to route a belt through and then run your thigh holster directly off of the brokos belt. I didn't really see this feature advertised, but it should be. I spent a lot of time looking a VTAC pictures trying to figure out if I could attach my thigh holster directly to the brokos belt. So the answer for that is yes. It's a pretty light belt considering its size, but also thin which is plus. I use it quite a bit as a federal agent, but I also wish this had been around when I was a ground pounder in Baghdad. I'm using it as a duty rig, but this would also be great to run in a pistol or carbine class. This a great belt, now I just need an excuse to get one in tan. I imagine if they made one in multicam, it'd be the bees knees.


 Rated 1.0 stars

From sid315

from West Bridgewater Mass

I ordered the "Brokos Belt" through a distributor from the catalog in mid-June. I received the BELT in mid-July, when I received the BELT all I received was a back pad. There was no BELT with it; I had to purchase the BELT separately. If you look in the catalog they show a photo of both the front and rear of the BROKOS BELT, in the photo it shows that it has a BELT, but it doesn't you have to buy the BELT separately. The distributor I purchased it from had never sold any but from looking at the photo even they thought it came with a BELT. Let's be a little realistic you market the product as a "BELT" you show a photo of it with a BELT and you don't even say BELT sold separately, in the catalog you word it as "it features the user the ability to use any 5.11 BELT", online it says "Operator/Trainer BELT shown sold separately" nowhere does it say that you need to buy a separate BELT to make this thing work. I am a huge 5.11 fan I could probably start my own 5.11 store with the merchandise that I have purchased, just ask my wife. But come on its marketed as a BELT, and you want me to buy a separate 5.11 BELT. NO THANKS. 5.11 you make a great product but I really think you messed up on this one.

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