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Style# 56972

COVRT™ Pistol Pouch

Average rating of 63%

Purpose Built

Designed to integrate seamlessly with all 5.11® COVRT™ packs, the COVRT™ Pistol Pouch conceals a standard size sidearm and spare magazine while remaining inconspicuous.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick, efficient, covert pistol pouch
  • Hot-Pull™ tabs for fast, reliable sidearm access
  • Attaches to 5.11® COVRT™ bags


  • Durable all-weather nylon
  • MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® compatible
  • 8” H x 5” L x 1.25” D main compartment
  • 39 cubic inch / 1 liter total capacity
  • Stores one standard size pistol and spare mag
  • Quick-ID Badge holder at front
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3.2 average rating

(based on 23 reviews)

63 %

Perfect Fit

 Rated 5.0 stars

From boondock51


I ordered this product from another vendor to replace my 6 year-old nylon carry pouch. First and foremost, I am very satisfied with the purchase. Before ordering the pouch, I was a bit skeptical about its size specifications. I had read various unfavorable reviews indicating that its size is much too small for many handguns such as standard size Glocks, S&Ws, etc. And the reviews are spot-on about its small size. It is waaay too small for standard size handguns!!! HOWEVER, I can tell you that this pouch dimensions should fill-the-bill for any sub-compact handgun. I am basing my review solely on the fact that the pouch is a perfect fit for my Ruger LC9S--I'm talking about a perfect fit. I am also very impressed with the pouch's quality build, design, and construction. The nylon material is very nice and the craftsmanship is flawless. I am quite certain that this product is "Exactly what the doctor ordered" for anyone needing a nice pouch for sub-compact handguns--especially for the Ruger LC9S. Lastly, I highly recommend this pouch without hesitation--outstanding product.

Good little pouch

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Fire501


Works well holding a XDS and fits perfectly into the COVERT backpack. Stays in place without issue, and it provides easy access to the firearm. Only complaint is that is a struggle to get hi-cap mags in the actual pouch, but I can live with that issue. I think standard mags for the S would fit just fine though. I'd definitely recommend it to others.

Good alternative to fanny-pouch

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Jorge

from Texas

I was able to fit either a G26 (with flush and extended mags) or a G19 (with a standard mag) in this pouch without issue. Some other reviews said a G19 would not fit--wrong!

Well made but not very useful

 Rated 2.0 stars

From Nizdur

from Chicago, Illinois

I bought this product to add an additional compartment to my COVRT ZAP 6 covert carry bag. I didn't find a good way to incorporate it with the COVRT ZAP 6. The COVRT Pistol pouch can only fit a pistol the same size of a Glock 26 or smaller. The COVRT Pistol Pouch works okay on the belt, but only horizontally. It does not attach vertically to a belt. I found the badge compartment on the COVRT Pistol Pouch to not be useful. To me, the COVRT Pistol Pouch does not meet my needs and isn't worth the money. It is well made, but in need of a redesign for improved function and use. My COVRT Pistol Pouch sits in a box with other useless holsters I have bought and field tested over the years. I look forward to a redesign of this product for future consideration.

Not for belt carry

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Billcop

from Detroit, MI

After trying to find a reverse picture that would show how to attach to a belt (or ANY instructions) I took a chance and ordered one. The only apparent way to use this is with military type molle attachment. Really dumb for a "Covrt/Covert" bag to hide your pistol in. A subtle bag that uses MILITARY attachments......In my profession, that says "COP! Shoot here first". If I need a backpack to attach it to, I'll just use a backpack (shakes head).

Won't carry vertically on pants belt.

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Jake

from Little Rock, AR

I purchased this pouch to function as an "open carry" holster in a state that doesn't have open carry. I assumed it would fit vertically on a belt. Disappointed.

Nice addition to first line of defense!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Chris

from Northeast

I love this latest addition to the market! My hopes, are that this marks a new trend in "never seen before items for concealment".... One can easily carry a backup "device" within this item which allows one to have that "item available at a moments notice. Allows one to appear as if their part of the "pack" without being part of the pack (if you know what I mean). Also good for Border Patrol (daypack)... And/or... as I said, undercover operatives trying to blend in with the crowd. Nice to have attachable pouches/bags/accessories which one can apply to their backpack and other bags (such as as 5.11 patented "Quickstick" or "MOLLE" type of attachments too (with slight adjustment. Only wish that it came with an "belt attachment" too, so that one could (if necessary) "attach" this to ones belt... Although it was primarily designed for the CVRT backpack/daypack usage.

Great concealment pouch

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Terry

from Iowa

I really like this product. It fits my Glock 23 just fine, it doesn't fit a full size though. When I first got it I wanted to figure out a way to attach it to a normal belt so I got some nylon dutyman belt keepers and they did the trick. I really liked wearing it when I was traveling on vacation. Noone can tell what I have and think its just an extra pouch. I did cut off the 5.11 tag in the front because I thought it kind of defeated the purpose of concealing if everyone knows its 5.11. I also really like having the quick badge holder, its right there if you need it. I personally prefer this to a fanny pack because it feels more confortable to me. I use it all the time now when I'm out and about instead of a IWB. If anyone would like to attach it to your belt I would suggest a nylon belt keeper that is for a duty belt, it really does the trick.

COVRT Pistol Pouch

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Steve

from Hillsborough, NC

This pistol pouch is too small for a full-size semi-auto such as a Springfield XD/XDM or Glock. Will fit a subcompact ok, if you don't have a mag extension. Guess I'll just put it away until I get my subcompact.

Not well thought out.

 Rated 2.0 stars

From JV3499

from Pittsburgh, PA

What in the world were the designers thinking. This is too small to hold a glock 23 with a tlr-1 on it!!! Come on folks firearms mounted tactical lights are here to stay. I wanted a nice modular, coordinated system of matching luggage for off duty carry, Thought this was it but I can't fit a glock 23 in the holster with a light attached. Oh well,, on its way back. I have enough unloved holsters you can have this one back. Sorry, like many other things I have looked out in this collection, excellent ideas, just missing that finishing touch that would make it perfect for off-duty or covert leo.


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