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Custom embroidered in your selection of fabric and embroidery thread, our Custom Name Tapes provide a versatile way to add your name, nickname, or call sign to any pack or bag with a loop panel or name tape holder. Plus, they are ideal for adding content identification to work or overlanding/camp bags or for other sub-load bags and pouches with name tape holders.

As the saying goes, "Gear adrift is a gift" - be sure your bags and kits are easily identifiable with our Custom Name Tapes.

There is a maximum length of 20 characters and restrictions apply.

Letters are case sensitive.

Note for our Public Safety Professionals: The colors currently available are not color-matched for standard uniform needs.

All customized products may take an additional 2-3 business days to process.

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  • 1" wide name tape with hook backing
  • Compatible with 5.11 packs, bags and any loop-faced surface
  • Customized embroidery

5.11 Tactical® 6x1 Custom Name Tape

Our 6x1 Custom Name Tape is designed to provide an easy and efficient way to personalize your 5.11 Tactical® packs, bags, or any gear with a loop panel or name tape holder. It allows you to add a touch of identity and distinction to your tactical equipment, ensuring that it doesn't get lost or accidentally taken by someone else. These name tapes are custom embroidered with your choice of fabric and thread, providing high-quality and durable identification to your belongings. You can include your name, nickname, or call sign, making it truly unique to you.

Additionally, these Custom Name Tapes are useful for marking work or overlanding/camp bags with content identification, and are perfect for sub-load bags and pouches that feature name tape holders. However, it is important to note that the available colors are not specifically matched for uniform-standard requirements.

Keep in mind that the Custom Name Tapes have a maximum character limit of 20, and all letters are case sensitive. These products may take an additional 2-3 business days to process, and due to their personalized nature, they are not eligible for returns.

Enhance your tactical gear organization with the 6x1 Custom Name Tape from 5.11 Tactical® and ensure that your equipment is easily identifiable.
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