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Style# 12338

Speed 3.0 Dark Coyote RapidDry Boot

Average rating of 87%
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Purpose Built

Built to handle harsh, wet environments, Speed 3.0 Dark Coyote RapidDry Boots feature innovative rapid-dry technology, allowing these boots to absorb less water and dry faster than traditional boots.

Features and Benefits

  • Accelerated version of the A.T.A.C.® Boot
  • Lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking
  • Perfect for work, the range, and personal wear


  • 14 mm heel-to-toe drop
  • A.T.A.C.® footbed and outsole
  • Rapid-dry nylon vamp and side panels
  • Ortholite® insole
  • Ortholite® sockliner
  • Forefoot lugs
  • Fence-climbing toe
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.4 average rating

(based on 12 reviews)

87 %

Excellent boot.

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Manny


This is a great boot. It matches US shoe/sneaker sizes. If you are an 8.5 on a nike sneaker, an 8.5 rapiddry boot (this one) will fit you. There is extra room in the front area just in case your foot is a little wide.
It does not take that long to break the boot in. Around 2 days at most. You might need some insoles for arch support - but that depends on your foot type. The boot is very comfy, good for regular everyday use.

Great boot!!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Trevor


This boot is pretty damn nice for the budget. It fits true to size for US standards and offers a lot of comfort. It laces up firmly and allows for a decent range of motion when maneuvering. The traction is great and I can walk/run just fine all day and it breaths well with the venting. Overall, great product for the money.

Excellence of functionality meets it's mission

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Nathan


BUY THEM....I've seen a lot of complaints that they are not so rapid dry, they repel well, obviously if you dunk them under water for long periods of time like an oreo in milk they won't, they repel just enough to dry quickly, built in sole and mesh, best known for rigidity, and stability, stop thinking, and more purchasing, 5.11 ABR

Survived the Rocky Mountains

 Rated 5.0 stars

From CK


I recently purchased these boots for a hiking trip in the rocky mountains up here in Alberta, Canada. The reason I went with these boots was because I knew we were going to spend multiple parts of each day hiking through streams and rivers so I wanted something that would let the water out. Needless to say, these boots did what they were advertised to do. Now some of the other reviews gave exact times of drying but I wasn't about to pull out a stop watch on my backpacking trip to time exactly how fast they dried, but I can say that while they don't completely dry, they do get you dry enough to the point where its comfortable and no different than if your feet were sweating at a very quick rate. In the evening they sat around the fire and while everyone else had wet boots the next day, I always had bone dry boots to start the day. The grip on the boots was also exceptional, never once did I slip of a rock or root or anything uneven, and we were on some nasty trails, to the point where I doubt even animals wouldn't walk on these trails. They held up well for the 42km trip and only a small piece of a lug at the back came off, but I wasn't surprised based on what we were walking on with 50lbs on my back. Overall these are comfy boots and are light which makes dragging them up the mountain a breeze. I did add Dr Scholls insoles however, but that was because I have high arches and needed the extra support. Even without the insoles these boots are comfortable, and in the entire trip I did not get one single blister even with wet feet. Now we will wait and see how many trips these boots last, but I will for sure be purchasing these again in the future.

Excellent for the price point

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Cody


These boots a super comfortable and light for walking, running, hiking or whatever you're doing. Great support and stance. My feet sweat horribly and these do an excellent job of keeping them cool and dry. This is my first pair of 5.11 boots and for sure won't be my last. 5 stars!

Best pair of boots I've ever owned

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Ben


Living in Colorado and a member of a S+R team as well as an avid hunter and outdoorsman I am always on the hunt for a great pair of boots. After doing my research I settled on the speed 3.0 rapid dry. Right off the bat these boots have done nothing but exceed my expectations. They are extremely comfortable have superb traction. I recently took them on a trip to Belize where I wore them for 12+ hours hiking ruins and tubing thru caves. They were comfortable even when wet and although the extreme humidity did affect drying time I still was very impressed. I use them often on trail hikes and backcountry rescue ops and have recommended them to my other S+R team members.

Awesome Boots but...

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Isaac


These boots are outstanding. I have run and walked countless miles in these boots and they have held up quite well. They are light boots in my opinion and are very comfortable. However, they are not rapid drying boots. They take quite a long time to completely dry. If you are looking at these boots for normal everyday wear I recommend you get them but do not get them for water environments.

Not so Rapiddry

 Rated 3.0 stars

From David


I got these boots a couple months ago and really liked them for hiking and all around wear. I hiked in dry conditions until today when I got them completely soaked.This was around 8:30 in the morning and now its just before 3:30 and the boots are still very damp. I took them off after 6 hours and left a nice trail of wet footprints. The fit is great but am pretty disappointed at the Rapid Dry claim.

Great Hiking Boot

 Rated 5.0 stars

From HikingRJ


Former Army and tough on boots, these boots are great for hiking. I average 4-6 miles a day and 1st day out 5.86 miles. Feet feel good with just enough room for my feet to breath. I hiked on dirt road, very rocky terrain, rail road tracks, foot hills and washes. My feet were not over heated in the Arizona weather and comfortable. Of course with heavy use I will be putting in gels in a few months. I was impressed overall, but especially how the soul design handles in the heavily Sandy washes. Great Hiking Boot. I did much boot research but went back to 511 due to a pair of 511 cross trainers I purchased at Davis Monthan AFB and used for hiking for 2 years and had to retire them. 511 makes reliable foot friendly boots.

Great, Awesome, a shoe for outdoorsmen

 Rated 4.0 stars

From CobraCombat


It's a great boot. Forget everybody else's reviews, cause I'll tell you all of the pros and cons of this shoe!!!
There are many more pros than cons. The first pro is that just like the name says, this boot is very rapid drying, sun or not. But sun also speeds the process. I at first wasn't sure if it would work so I tested it in ankle high water. The drainage worked well and it fully dried out in exactly 3 min and 47 seconds. Then I walked trough water up to my knees going riverside hiking. The drainage and vents work great and it dried out in exactly 6 min and 23 sec. The second pro is that you CAN wear it in lots of heat. The vents filter out air and I guess you can say that It lets your feet breath. Another pro is that the traction on the show grips every thing. I almost fell going down a cliff hiking. My boots were able to grasp on to the rocks so I could grasp something. And the Colorado of the boot is slightly darker than on the Internet, which is hoot because you don't really see the dirt if it gets dirty. The shoe also has very comfortable padding/ insoles. And last but not least, it looks good. So in conclusion for the pros, it is an all terrain shoe that fits well and looks good.
CONS SUMMARY- I only have two cons for this boot.
1- The shoe is narrow
2- and IF you tuck your pants in it is sort of uncomfortable.
I would totally recommend this boot to everyone who loves doing outdoor activities.


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