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Style# 48032

Aggressor Parka™

Average rating of 83%
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Purpose Built

Modeled after our 3-in-1 Patrol Jacket, the Aggressor Parka™ offers superior functionality and weather protection in a stylish design ideal for off duty, CCW, or covert wear. A high performance waterproof shell and a removable quilted fleece liner can be worn separately or together, providing adaptable weather protection for a wide range of climates. Hidden document pockets at the chest offer ample and covert storage along with TacTec System™ compatibility that allows you to customize your accessory storage quickly and easily. A waterproof hood, zippered handwarmer pockets, and hook and loop storm cuffs guard against rain and cold, and integrated side zippers provide quick access to your bottom layer or can be used to improve ventilation when temperatures fluctuate.



  • Adaptable all-weather protection
  • Hidden document pockets
  • TacTec System™ compatible
  • Side zippers for accessibility and ventilation
  • Waterproof roll-up hood
  • Hook and loop storm cuffs



  • Waterproof and breathable parka shell
  • Removable color-matched fleece liner
  • YKK® zipper hardware
  • Prym® snaps
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 57 reviews)

83 %

Is NOT waterproof


From Doug


I've worn it in two rains along with a coworker in his. Both times after an hour I was soaked! Water pooled in the lower hem and zipper flap adding weight. My pocket contents were soaked also. (Wallet too) My T-shit and uniform shirt were soaked at all zippers and damp all over. 5.11 doesn't say what kind of waterproofing they use, but this jacket is not even water resistant! If you can buy Gore-Tex

Outstanding quality - brilliant design


From Volkmar Hable


Had this jacket and its predecessors now for a number of years. I have read some of the complaints about inner zippers and noisy outer shell, which I believe are non-issues. Inner zippers can't be tank grade as they are - on the inside and would probably take too much space or even cause some pressure points/areas if too bulky, so there is a tradeoff. necessarily. any outer shells generates noise so for close quarter hunting take a fleece jacket guys. For the average hunter or operator targets are usually beyond 100 yards and as such the subtle noise generation certainly is not an issue. Overall outstanding battle proven quality. The guys who designed that clearly knew what was needed. Keep going guys. Good stuff.

Great all around jacket


From Brian


This jacket is what I was looking for and fits all of my needs. The way the jacket is designed and manufactured is to a "T" for my community of operators and contractors whom all know what it's like to be able to rely on your gear to get you through each deployment.

Certain things have been changed to adapt to other features and gear that 5.11 sells. If you have any tactical experience or work with Military/Law Enforcement you will appreciate 5.11's take on what a Parka jacket should look and feel like.

The best thing in the world is something you've never tried yourself, but once you find it, you'll always know what to look for. "Hunt.b"

Lots of Problems with this "Parka".


From Jack P


I bought this product because of 511's false advertising about its greatness for concealed carry. First of all, even though the Amazon ad says it's compatible with their "back up belt system", I discovered there is no such thing as a "back up belt system". And even though the website now claims compatibility with a "TacTec System", there's no such thing as that to be integrated with this jacket, either. There is NO accessory available that attaches or installs into the jacket. And what's worse is that 511 KNOWS this, and have known it for over a year.

Then there's the fact that this is simply NOT a parka. Parkas come down at least to mid-thigh length, if not to the knee. This one, however, comes to just below the belt in the front, and just below the butt in the rear. It's rather unflattering when viewed from the side, as it is not square cut at the bottom, like just about every other parka on the market.

Then there's the hood, which would be really nice if a football helmet were included with the jacket. As it is, though, one has to wear a baseball cap so that the cap's visor can keep the much-oversized hood from falling down over the face.

The outer pockets on this jacket are a mess. As another reviewer said, they are non-ergonomic. The "zippered handwarmer pockets" are large, with small, zippered openings at the top. The zippers are small and dainty---hardly the heavy duty one would expect with tactical gear. But further, if you're using these pockets for handwarmers, you'll not enjoy the zippers rubbing against your wrists. Further, you'll notice that the pockets are not cut at a slant like true handwarmer pockets are; these pocket tops are parallel with the floor, so that you have to hold your arms awkwardly to have your hands fit into the pockets. There's room in the pockets for thick winter gloves, but you'll have trouble getting them in and out of the small pocket openings.

Further, the jacket is sized a little small.

Also, it is extremely difficult to zip it all the way to the top. To do this, the nicely-extended collar must be scrunched down like a turtleneck, and then, once zipped, it's like wearing a whiplash collar.

So it doesn't look right, feel right, work right, or do what it's advertised to do. But other than that, I can see that it seems to be well constructed---even if poorly conceived.

And now let's talk about the price. This jacket has no features that even remotely justify the very high price. I can find comparable jackets in the retail stores for half the price. And so I will. I'm boxing this thing up to send it back for a refund.

As bad as this ill-fitting jacket is, though, the very worst part of the whole thing is the willfully misleading ad copy from 511 Tactical. They know that there is no "system" that fits into or integrates with this jacket, yet they deliberately write their ads to suggest that you're getting something really special. I searched their website for this "TacTec System", and what I found were tactical chest rigs for breast plates and load bearing. This jacket is "compatible" with that in the same way that an oversized sweatshirt is "compatible" with it-----that is, you simply put it on OVER the chest rig. The way the product description is written (Hidden document pockets at the chest offer ample and covert storage along with TacTec System™ compatibility that allows you to customize your accessory storage quickly and easily.), one gets the distinct idea that this is a jacket designed to carry/store accessories. Where I come from, this is called "fraud and misrepresentation". But at 511, they're awfully proud of it.

I wrote them to voice the same complains you have just read, and this was their response:

I am sorry to learn that you are disappointed with the Aggressor Parka. This is a solid jacket as it's rated over 4 stars on Amazon.com as well as our own website. I understand that the Aggressor Parka is not for everyone though and if you are truly unhappy with it I would recommend for you to return it back to Amazon for the reasons provided.
We appreciate the feedback and will direct it to our designers for future consideration.

There was nothing about editing the ad copy to match the reality of the jacket, nor any apology for the false impression that it gives. Nor any acknowledgement that there is not really any particular "compatibility" with these load-bearing systems.

So I think I'm done with 511 Tactical. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice---well, you won't have another opportunity.

Honest Review, after over two years.


From HykenShoot

from Northwest, WA

I wore this jacket mostly when out in the rainy outdoors and snowboarding. Its too loud for hunting. The inner fleece is real nice, but, the outer shell is a waste of money. The pockets are positioned in such an unergonomic way. The zippers on the pockets are junk! They're small, weak and fragile. But, the main zippers are YKK, and robust. Waterproofing wore off after about a year, and no longer beads water off, but, slowly absorbs. The stitching is weak in areas and comes apart easily. The hood is nice, but, way too big, unless, you are wearing a helmet. The adjustment strap on the hood is not adjustable enough to get the hood sitting right on your head. The CCW pocket is a great idea. Its really too bad that most guns (even slim subcompacts) print more than Im comfortable wearing in public. But, its a great pocket for maps, gps, Ipad mini etc... The length is perfect. Long enough without being restricting. A great concept, just a poor design.






Job well done


From Retired 2014

from Sarasota, Fl

I have now changed over the use of this jacket to my ski wear. The warmth, durability and ruggedness of this jacket serves me well. I purchased this jacket the first year it was introduced as a new product and it remains as good as the first time I have used it.

Heavy winter parka for cold weather


From LarsAttacks

from Germany

This is a great parka for cold winters. Superb comfort in snowy and frosty conditions up to 5°C. Fits very good but stands slightly away from the body on the belly. In contrast to a jacket the parka has a longer length and covers the rear a bit what I like.
The pockets are very useful. The quick access to a handgun on both sides is an interesting option.
The main zippers are good but with the side zippers I had a defect after short time. It was easy to fix but left a bad feeling.

Good looking Jacket


From AZarcher

from Arizona

I have read some other reviews on this product and considered them into this purchase. The fit was really big, had to downsize and return the first one. The next one was perfect, it looked good and fit good. I have yet to wear this jacket in the rain but after reading some other reviews on this subject, i think it will do just fine. My only negative on this jacket is it cost too much, but many products that stand the test of time come at a price.
If you're on the fence about this jacket my advice to you is "you get what you pay for".

Best Parka


From Police K-9 Magazine Rep

from Overland Park, KS

great pockets for K-9 training (toy or food reward). Versatile liner can be worn separately when the weather permits. Super warm and the fit is right on.

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