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  1. Mission Ready™ Document Bag
    Mission Ready™ Document Bag
  2. Select Carry Sling Pack
    Select Carry Sling Pack
  3. RUSH Delivery LIMA
    RUSH Delivery LIMA
  4. RUSH Delivery MIKE
    RUSH Delivery MIKE
  5. RUSH Delivery XRAY
    RUSH Delivery XRAY
  6. Bail Out Bag
    Bail Out Bag
  7. PUSH™ Pack
    PUSH™ Pack
  8. 2-Banger Bag
    2-Banger Bag
  9. 4-Banger Bag
    4-Banger Bag
  10. COVRT™ Satchel
    COVRT™ Satchel
  11. Rush LBD Lima
    Rush LBD Lima
  12. Rush LBD Xray
    Rush LBD Xray
  13. NBT Duffle LIMA
    NBT Duffle LIMA
  14. RED 8100 BAG in Fire Red
    RED 8100 Bag
  15. COVRT™ Box Messenger
    COVRT™ Box Messenger
  16. MultiCam Black™ Covert Box Messenger
    MultiCam Black™ Covert Box Messenger
  17. Crossbody Range Purse
    Crossbody Range Purse
  18. UCR Sling Pack
    UCR Sling Pack
  19. UCR IFAK Pouch
    UCR IFAK Pouch
  20. UCR Thigh Rig
    UCR Thigh Rig
  21. 6.6 Med Pouch
    6.6 Med Pouch
  22. 3.6 Med Kit
    3.6 Med Kit
  23. Ignitor Med Pouch
    Ignitor Med Pouch
  24. COVRT Z.A.P.™ 6
    COVRT Z.A.P.™ 6

24 Items

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More About Bags

5.11 Bags offer flexible, multifunctional support and storage for work, travel, and recreation. From our full-sized NBT XRAY Duffle to our compact and lightweight Overwatch Carry On, 5.11 bags are designed to provide secure and plentiful storage space, superior resilience and weather protection, and extended customizability options that allow you to tailor your baggage transport for the mission at hand. Best of all, the multifunctional nature of our bags allows you to use them to serve more than one purposes, minimizing the cost of purchasing additional storage units. Transform your duty bag into an overnight pack, or use your gym bag as a carryon – extensive customization, web platform, and storage pocket configuration options ensure that your chosen 5.11 tactical bag will always meet your needs.

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