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  1. $135.00
    RUSH24™ 2.0 Backpack 37L
  2. $185.00
    RUSH72™ 2.0 Backpack 55L
  3. $255.00
    RUSH100™ Backpack 60L
  4. $145.00
    RUSH12™ 2.0 Multicam® Backpack 24L
  5. $180.00
    RUSH24™ 2.0 Multicam® Backpack 37L
  6. $280.00
    RUSH72™ 2.0 Multicam® Backpack 55L
  7. $21.00
    Rapid Excursion Pack 23L
  8. $80.00
    RUSH MOAB™ 6 Sling Pack 11L
  9. $105.00
    RUSH12™ 2.0 Backpack 24L
  10. $105.00
    RUSH MOAB™ 10 Sling Pack 18L
  11. $205.00
    All Hazards Prime Backpack 29L
  12. $145.00
    All Hazards Nitro Backpack 21L
  13. Regular Price $92.00 Special Price $59.49
    Rapid Quad Zip Pack 28L
  14. $150.00
    AMP12™ Backpack 25L
  15. $170.00
    AMP24™ Backpack 32L
  16. $225.00
    Operator ALS Backpack 35L
  17. $150.00
    AMP10™ Backpack 20L
  18. $145.00
    LV18 Backpack 30L
  19. $115.00
    LV10 Sling Pack 13L
  20. $110.00
    AMPC Pack 16L
  21. Regular Price $205.00 Special Price $139.49
    All Hazards Prime Backpack 29L
  22. $52.00
    Convertible Hydration Carrier
  23. $135.00
    COVRT18™ 2.0 Backpack 32L
  24. Regular Price $150.00 Special Price $94.49
    Daily Deploy 48 Pack 39L
  25. $62.00
    Daily Deploy Push Pack 5L
  26. $58.00
    PC Convertible Hydration Carrier
  27. $125.00
    Daily Deploy 24 Pack 28L

27 Items

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A tactical backpack is the ultimate piece of any field loadout or everyday carry. Whether you need comfortable access to essential items or a backpack to bugout in, 5.11 Tactical backpacks feature the compartments, storage space, attachment options, and utility necessary to give you the biggest advantage in any situation.

A well-built tactical back provides quick access to life-saving equipment, personal protection, and immense utility for a variety of high-stress situations. For these reasons, tactical backpacks from 5.11 are trusted by military and law enforcement professionals around the world, providing the best in durability and adaptability.

Each compartment of a tactical backpack from 5.11 is made with a purpose. Fast access CCW pockets, padded sleeves for laptops and other electronics, protective compartments for eyewear, internal slip pockets for survival gear, and outer attachments for hydration and camping equipment all come together to create the ultimate tactical backpack solution.


When it comes to the mission at hand, tactical backpacks from 5.11 provide an advantage in every situation.

Our small tactical backpack options are ideal for carry-on use for travelers or as patrol bags for professionals in the field. Their compact design means these backpacks are easily stowed in tight places for those who need fast excursion options nearby.

5.11 also offers a sling tactical backpack option for the fastest access to CCW compartments, hydration options, and customizable pocket zones for quick on-the-go operational needs.

For larger needs or long-distance requirements, the RUSH24™ is perhaps the best backpack for bugging out or maintaining peak readiness. The RUSH line of tactical backpacks features hidden CCW compartments, outlined sections for essential gear, spacious and efficient inner and outer pockets, and full compatibility with MOLLE fittings and other tactical backpack attachments.

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