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  1. $62.00
    Bail Out Bag 9L
  2. $110.00
    Wingman Patrol Bag™ 39L
  3. $21.00
    Rapid Excursion Pack 23L
  4. $28.00
    TPO II
  5. $88.00
    Range Qualifier™ Bag 18L
  6. $18.00
    RUSH TIER System
  7. $80.00
    RUSH MOAB™ 6 Sling Pack 11L
  8. $105.00
    RUSH MOAB™ 10 Sling Pack 18L
  9. $205.00
    All Hazards Prime Backpack 29L
  10. $32.00
    6 x 6 Pouch
  11. $36.00
    6 x 6 Med Pouch
  12. $26.00
    Radio Pouch
  13. $32.00
    Single Pistol case
  14. $22.00
    Holster Pouch
  15. $115.00
    Range Ready™ Bag 43L
  16. $72.00
    4-Banger Bag 5L
  17. $145.00
    All Hazards Nitro Backpack 21L
  18. $26.00
    COVRT™ Small Insert
  19. $105.00
    Rush LBD Mike 40L
  20. $150.00
  21. $42.00
    UCR IFAK Pouch
  22. Regular Price $92.00 Special Price $59.49
    Rapid Quad Zip Pack 28L
  23. $32.00
    TacTec® Plate Carrier Extender
  24. $129.99
    28" Double Rifle Case 19L
  25. $150.00
    AMP12™ Backpack 25L
  26. $170.00
    AMP24™ Backpack 32L
  27. $225.00
    Operator ALS Backpack 35L
  28. $235.00
    ALS/BLS Duffel 50L
  29. $25.00
    HEXGRID 9X9 Gear Set™
  30. $25.00
    Double Deploy Gear Set™
  31. $45.00
    2 Banger Gear Set™
  32. $30.00
    Admin Gear Set™
  33. $35.00
    Med Pouch Gear Set™
  34. Regular Price $75.00 Special Price $49.49
    All Missions Plate Carrier Extender
  35. $75.00
    All Missions Plate Carrier Extender
  36. Regular Price $35.00 Special Price $24.49
    Flex Double AR Mag Pouch
  37. Regular Price $25.00 Special Price $14.49
    Flex Single AR Mag Pouch
  38. $36.00
    Flex Medium GP Pouch
  39. $36.00
    Flex Admin Pouch
  40. Regular Price $30.00 Special Price $19.49
    Flex Drop Pouch
  41. $150.00
    AMP10™ Backpack 20L
  42. $25.00
    Laser Cut Molle Gear Set™
  43. $26.00
    HEXGRID Insert
  44. $205.00
    Load Up 22" Carry On 46L
  45. $145.00
    LV18 Backpack 30L
  46. $115.00
    LV10 Sling Pack 13L
  47. $130.00
    LV M4 20L
  48. $125.00
    LV M4 Shorty 18L

Items 1-48 of 122

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More About Tactical Backpacks for Women

When you need reliable, multifunctional storage and transport options, 5.11 is your go-to source for durable bags and backpacks. Our bags are crafted from the highest quality materials that can withstand even the most hard-core wear and tear. We know that when it comes to transporting your tactical gear, you need something that’s rugged, comfortable and functional.
Tactical Bags and Backpacks
Our bags are designed to excel in even the toughest conditions and a wide range of operational and recreational settings. Whether you’re searching for a reliable gear pack for your next hunting trip or a full-sized tactical bag for extended travel, you’ll find what you need at 5.11. Our bags are constructed from heavy-duty, premium quality materials that are designed to perform under any conditions. Here you’ll discover precision-engineered rifle and pistol cases, MOLLE-compatible web platform pouches, sling packs, backpacks, and fire and EMS bags.
Shop from our RUSH collection which features bags like our RUSH72™️ Backpack 55L, engineered for a full-featured, 72-hour bag for tactical excursions and deployments, including hydration pockets and water-resistant nylon construction. 
Our award-winning AMP collection features bags that offer the ruggedness, versatility, and functionality for tactical deployments and missions. This collection includes everything from backpacks and pouches to laser cut MOLLE gear sets. These multidimensional sets offer a vast array of options that allow you to seamlessly change things up on the fly.
No matter what situation you find yourself in, 5.11 bags, backpacks, and cases can be counted on to provide maximum durability, reliability, and performance, in any type of weather and across any terrain. 

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