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Style# 56997

All Hazards Prime Backpack

Average rating of 92%

Purpose Built

The All Hazards Prime is an extremely durable, easy to carry, full featured bag with more than enough room to handle a full tactical kit. The All Hazards Prime Backpack was designed with direct input from MACTAC instructors, and the internal layout provides all the versatility and accessibility you need to keep your gear organized while in the field. Dual main compartments are lined with hi-vis orange to assist with low-light gear identification, a dedicated hydration compartment helps keep you fresh and focused, and unique tear-out medical pouches facilitate in-theatre first aid. A generous MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® System compatible web platform provides ample space for accessory pouches, and the All Hazards accepts an ammo mule to keep you and your team locked and loaded.



  • Full featured tactical bag
  • Tear-out medical pouches
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Hydration compartment
  • Interior web platform
  • Three-surface exterior web platform
  • Shove-it pocket for expandable storage
  • Side-mounted retention lanyards



  • Durable1050D nylon
  • 11.5” W x 7.5” D x 20.5” H main compartment
  • 1,768 cubic inch capacity
  • Reinforced grab-and-go handles
  • Adjustable compression straps
  • High-vis orange lining on front panel
  • Ammo Mule compatible
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 34 reviews)

92 %

Zipper pulls fall off


From Logan


Great bag, however, the zipper pulls fell off. I replaced them with 550 cord and the bag functions much better.



From RR21


Nothing but great quality throughout. The pack is solid and being a large guy I love not getting caught up in the shoulder straps.

I chose this pack because of its computer and separate water bladder compartments. I needed something small enough and maneuverable enough to throw on and off for city commute (bike/moto/subway) and a weekend adventure day pack. I gave it 4 stars because all though it is a great pack, and probably the perfect pack for law enforcement, special teams, or even a medic. It's been a bit contradicting in ways for everyone else. The pockets open WIDE, this wasn't ideal because things can fall out pretty easy if you aren't careful, or if you don't want to pack everything into accessory packs. This is not a pack you want out in the woods, or walking around a dense city.

Everything is ideal. The orange nylon compartment, to contrast in low light, the oversized grab handle, the reinforced eyeglass pack even the ADMIN pack is perfectly designed. The baton holder is a waste, If those could be optionally closed on the bottom it would be a nice flashlight case, or maybe stuff it with a plastic tube for large battery. But again, I'm nit picking from my POV. All-in-all it is a great bag, but it is definitely built for specific job.

haven't found a limit for it yet


From mark


I have not limited out this bag yet. I use it for hiking. On the Appalachian Trail, I loaded everything from camp stoves-hammock in it and still had room to spare. I also found it easy to attach other small bags to the top, and back. One of my knives fit on the MOLLE attachment on one side, and I hang a poncho off of the other. Plenty of room for everything. Like all 511 products, superior quality and the best customer service..highly recommend this.

Worth every penny!


From Dirty


This bag is worth every penny. I use mine everyday for work and travel. The bag has been with me to Spain and to Morocco. When I go hunting or hiking this bag can handle the weight and handle being thrown around. I am absolutely amazed how comfortable it feels with every compartment full and then some hanging off of it. I would give it five stars but there is always room for improvement. Keep up the good work 5.11.

Great duty bag


From Ryan


I've had this bag for about a year now and I've been using it for a duty bag that I also bring home with me. I was looking for a pack that does everything I need it to do and this pack is 99% perfect! Every feature of this bag I use.

The only thing I wish it had was side pockets like the rush series.

Great multiuse pack!

CPAP users take notice - Perfect pack


From Steve

from Plano, TX

I never write reviews but want to help 5.11 sell a lot of backpacks and let CPAP users know of the perfect backpack for safe transit. I use a Resmed S9 unit and humidifier. I travel a lot for business and pleasure and no one has produced good optional cases for the unit. I can fit one half the unit plus power supply perfectly in one ammo mule. The humidifier, tubes, mask fit perfect in the second mule. The mules have rigid sides that protect it very well. I can pack the cpap, two days of clothes and toiletries and put it all on my back. Plenty of good reviews that are very accurate on how well this pack is built for conventional purposes. I was so excited with finding the alternate use I wanted to share with those to whom it would apply.

All hazards prime bag


From tad

from rio vista


Maxpedition Convert


From Jon

from FL

Carried a single strap gearslinger bag from another company for 3 years but wanted a double strap pack with a laptop sleeve. Love it. Very comfortable and durable.

Great product for work or play


From Pete

from Miami, FL

Its an outstanding product. I use it primarily for work. I carry my laptop, pad, flashlight, helmet, gloves and other personal gear in it. It is comfortable, cool to wear and ergonomic. It is very adaptable/versitile and roomy. Product manufacturing quality is of the highest standard.

TOP QUALITY bag, few minor design flaws


From tonyfraser

from NYC

I am from NYC -- which means that I walk everywhere wearing a backpack sun up to midnight, multiple miles per day, in very tight spaces. I am also ex-infantry and ex road-warrior consultant with a bad back from too many jumps. And now, I tend to carry about twice the backpack load as most to include not only my office gear plus my nighttime gear like spare shoes and outfits. Because of that, I believe I am uniquely qualified to judge backpacks under many conditions.

That said, I have now used this backpack for about a month and am just starting to get used to it.

Features that I like -

1)Moves better for NYC than anything else I've ever had -- like by a factor of 10. The bag feels kind of like it was designed streamlined to bump into things comfortably and then keep going. It's crazy well designed, straps, comfort, distribution of weight, streamlined. It's by far better than any of the standard high end backpacks I've been wearing since the mid 90's. It also holds a lot of weight very easily, and I do carry two notebooks fairly often. I do not believe there could be a better design than this for up to 30 pounds worth of gear and my back is extremely grateful.

2)Durability : This bag is about as top quality durable as you can get -- and I am sick and tired of zippers blowing out previous expensive backpacks. I get the feeling I could put 20 pounds of sand in this backpack, drag it behind a car from NYC to the Jersey shore, and then pick it up and wear it again. It costs for that kind of durability, and I am willing to pay for it!

3)The big two full compartments. There are lots of pockets in bag, but that big second orange compartment alone makes the bag worth it! It's like work goes in the main pocket (two computers, chargers, iPad, etc.) Night goes in the second, sweaty clothes, a balled up suit, spare shoes, umbrella, etc. And it's big enough to hold things neatly folded. I like everything about this bag's two pocket design. And the tear away pockets are great too, one I use for cables, chargers and camera equipment, some lotion and mouthwash, other personal type stuff.

Features I don't like :
1) How quickly everything flies out of the admin pocket : I'm not swat or a medic so the stuff I need isn't in that big orange pocket, it's either in the padded phone pocket, or one of the pockets in the administration flap (where the pens and such are.) If you open the orange pocket to pull out your spare shoes, god help you if you didn't close all the zippers in your administrative pouch because that pocket flys 180 degrees open. And even if you do close those zippers, any organization you had in the admin pouch is likely to be messed up a little immediately. My feedback is -- If you're going to design a bag to fly open like that, design the pockets in the flying part to keep the stuff in better. I shouldn't have to worry so much about inspecting my area of operation with a flashlight before I leave.

2) How quickly stuff flies out of the soft phone pouch : I see why the zipper is where it is, and the pocket's placement is totally perfect, but this "stuff flies out" problem is worse than the previous problem. If you sit the backpack up, like lean it against the wall, open that zipper, and the backpack falls straps down, you can bet that everything in that pocket is going to come flying out onto the ground every time. I think the location of the pocket is ideal, it's so accessible. But there's something about the placement of that zipper. It was clearly designed for rainproofing and accessibility with the compression straps in use, but there has to be a better way.

When you put one and two together you've got a recipe for disaster if you're not careful. I just spent several hours looking for my iPhone 5 which fell into my Jeep two days ago when I was shuffling through my bag (straps down) looking for my wallet. And I've spilt everything in that admin pocket multiple times each time I open my orange compartment looking for my nighttime shoes.

3) I think it needs a couple more small closable pockets on the inside. The admin pocket is fine, but stuff flies out. I'm not swat or a medic though, so this is definitely more of a power-user-nyc type request. I'd like a small closable dedicated pocket just for business cards, or for change, or for a wallet, or basically something that I know once I close it, it's not going anywhere until I take it out. And I don't want to have to open anything to see it, I just want to feel through the material of internal pockets to see if it's exactly where it is supposed to be.

4) The "expansion pocket" (where you stuff an umbrella, a jacket or what have you) I've used feature only once, and that's only because I was too wary of using the main pockets at night time and having stuff fall out. I'd probably say that's an unnecessary feature to a nearly perfectly designed bag.

In conclusion -- this is the best backpack making company I've ever seen and I have six high end backpacks in my garage at the moment -- mostly with blown zippers or torn ballistic nylon, plus several years worth of military grade backpacks before that.
- Will I buy from this company again? ABSOLUTELY -- 5'11 if you keep the quality up I'll keep buying from you.
- Will I buy this particular backpack again? I am not so sure. This particular model requires some attention for the corporate user, but I am also likely to take a GREAT bag down to my local seamstress and make some slight modifications to make it perfect. To me my backpack is everything, it has to work.
- Would I recommend this bag to somebody else? Yes!!!!!! Just be careful until you get used to how stuff flies out. And check your AO. Eventually you'll get used to it.

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