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Style# 59492

1.5" Apex Gunner's Belt

(22 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

Designed for maximum holster and accessory support in any environment, the 1.5” Apex Gunner's Belt provides 1,500 lbs. of tensile strength, making it one of the sturdiest law enforcement duty belts in the 5.11® arsenal. The Apex Gunner's Belt features a TPU coating for enhanced load bearing capacity, a Type 3 cast aluminum anodized belt buckle with dual retention prongs, and an integrated ergonomic curve for all day wearability, while a sharp and professional look is perfectly suited to duty, undercover, or CCW casual wear.



  • Exceptionally sturdy duty belt
  • Maximum load bearing capacity
  • Sharp and professional look
  • Ergonomic curve for comfortable wear



  • B10 web material with TPU coating
  • 1,500 lbs. of tensile strength
  • Type 3 cast aluminum anodized buckle
  • Dual retention prongs
  • Sizes runs small; we recommend that you order 1 size up


Ratings and Reviews


(based on 22 reviews)

79 %


Unquestionable Quality

By Anders B-V.


I've had this belt for a few months now. It's a great belt. All the materials are very durable and the belt will most likely last a long time. While the two hook system took me a while to get used to I have no problem with it now. The belt looks professional as well and isn't too flashy. Though I do think that the white 5.11 logo is very out of place especially compared to the rest of the completely blacked out belt. Overall a professional, durable and very reliable belt. I do recommend.


needs bukle options


from Wauna Wa

i like this belt one of the best ive ownd it just needs a traditional buckle . i dont like that it tucks under its self makes it hard to tighten to suport the wieght of a full size pistol


Just Buy It, It's Good

By Rustedbucket

from Illinois

As a teacher and CCL holder, I needed to find a belt that worked for professional dress but also met the needs for EDC when I wasn't on school property. I came across the Apex online and it looked like it fit the bill. Most of the comments talk about how the belt grips to itself; it does, but it's not nearly as difficult as people make it out to be. To be honest, I almost LIKE that it's difficult as it allows me to really focus on its security and fit when using my horsehide IWB.

If you're debating about buying this belt, do yourself a favor and just do it. The only REAL issue I have with it is that they do not make it in Black with a Silver buckle. I'll be purchasing the Brown/Silver soon, and would pounce on a Black/Silver the second it became available.

Thanks, 5.11!


Stylish carry belt

By DrRobert

from Richmond, VA

This belt & or the Apex T- Rail need to be offered in a Navy and True olive green color.


Great belt for casual and dress.

By Nobody


Have owned and used this belt pretty much daily for the past two years and it's still holding up very well. Looks equally at home on both cargo pants and dress slacks.

Very rigid (it can even carry a drop-leg holster and/or subload without rolling) but still comfortable enough for day-to-day use. While the "grippiness" of the rubberized coating can make it a bit difficult to put on or take off quickly, it also helps keep things worn on the belt (e.g. holster, cuffs, etc.) from sliding around.

Over-all a great belt for both professional and casual wear. My one complaint is, I'd really like to be able to mix and match the belt and buckle color choices (e.g. black/black, black/silver, brown/black, brown/silver).


very awkward to buckle

By buyer

from FL

hard to buckle because it feeds behind the belt and belt buckle itself and the two pins to secure it you must fight to insert both pins. the look its great and the materials are top notch just not easy to use at all


Looks Great; Cumbersome to Wear

By Swiftshade

from USA

I was excited when the belt came out. It looks great, the buckle is stylish, and it goes with just about anything you want to wear to include casual or formal dress.

It is difficult to wear however. The rubber construction creates friction when sliding through belt loops. I have to shimmy it on. The buckle should be redesigned to a more secure way of fastening it. The bracket and pin isn't secure enough to keep it closed if you're moving a lot. The buckle is also hard to get fastened when donning it. If you leave the belt on for a long duration, it's great, but if you have to unfasten it frequently for whatever reason, it becomes tedious.

The belt is very durable and can be worn in tough environments. Since it is made of industrial strength rubber composite, it is not affected by weather, sun, or hazards like brush, trees, cuts, impacts, etc.


Apex Gunner's Belt

By msiple

from Vermont

This is an awesome belt. It's good and stiff, so I don't have to worry about my holster un-clipping by itself. I carry and having a well built holster is a nessicity.

I've had multiple comments from people saying "cool belt" and "where is the rest of your belt". I explain to them that the rest of the belt is under itself. They think it is really cool. It is so well constructed that I really do believe that it could be the "last belt" I ever have to buy.

I would also like to thank the 5.11 Tactical team for producing an excellent product!


More design development needed

By David

from Indiana

I have purchased and worn the 5.11 casual leather belts for daily plain-clothes duty work for five years now. The leather belts are good but they wear rapidly.

I was excited about the material of the apex gunner's belt hoping it would wear better than the leather belts. Upon getting the belt, I found the belt material felt like rubber, but still looked good for casual wear while being non-reflective and non-tactical in appearance.

The buckle looks okay too, but the problem is you're stuck with the buckle whether you like it or not. It is permanently affixed with rivets to the belt material itself. The two prongs on the buckle are a pain to line up with the belt holes and since you cannot pull the end of the belt through the buckle, it must feed under the belt itself. Maybe I will get used to it, but probably not. You CANNOT replace the buckle on this belt, period. It is not the most user-friendly design.

However, the belt material itself seems to be high quality and should hold up to wear better than leather. It is more flexible than leather and not as stiff. If you are looking for a good stiff belt, this is probably not the product for you. You would be better off with a nylon or leather belt. I find this belt is easy to thread through my pistol holster and mag pouches, and carries them well. The belt material is light weight and very comfortable.

Biggest problem lies with the buckle though. I think it should accommodate any regular buckle you choose, like the other 5.11 leather belts, especially for the money. With an improved buckle design, I would happily recommend this belt to a friend. Hope it helps.


Apex Gunners Belt


from Champaign, IL

Great belt. I wear a Galco Kingtuck with a Colt 3 1/2 1911 and the belt holds the weight well. This belt is good looking for dress and doesn't broadcast to the world that you may be carrying a weapon. After about three weeks of daily wear I have found one problem. Any excess you have left over past the latch will catch on the belt and make it tough to get the belt tight without a struggle. The material is very "sticky" and gets caught up trying to pass under the excess.

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