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Style# 59493

1.5" Arc Leather Belt

Average rating of 60%

(14 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

A premium quality belt ideal for both patrol and CCW casual wear, the 1.5” Arc Leather Duty Belt is crafted from strong and durable 4mm matte leather that easily supports the weight of your holster without twisting or sagging. With a sharp and professional style that looks great all day, the Arc Leather Belt features an integrated ergonomic curve for a comfortable fit.



  • Sturdy and stylish leather gun belt
  • Easily supports the weight of your holster
  • Sharp and professional style
  • Ergonomic curve for comfortable wear
  • Replacement screws available for purchase



  • Full grain matte leather
  • 4mm thick
  • Subtle 5.11® logo stamp
  • Sizes run small; we recommend that you order 1 size up


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 14 reviews)

60 %


Ok as a belt

By Bill


Decent sturdy belt but too weak to be a concealed carry belt. The belt sags when supporting a holster and firearm.


Poor quality, not worth standing behind.

By Nelson


After 2 months, this belt started showing severe wear from being cinched and holding an XD Mod 2 and mag pouch daily. Just before the third month a screw holding the buckle together backed out and sheared without effort when putting it back. After contacting 5.11, we were told we could purchase new screws and secure them with loctite. They have been requested to update the product description to include replacement screws are available and to secure them with loctite as they are known to fall out.


Not 511 Quality!!

By Gilbert


i am a big fan of 511. I have numerous 511 shirts, pants, web belts and boots. I have been very pleased with all of them. However, this belt is not up to 511 quality. After only a couple of months, the belt keeper broke off (the loop that holds the end of the belt in place after buckling). The black finish is coming off and the stitching is showing wear. I question if the belt is actually leather or just imitation leather. It is just poor quality. I have numerous other leather belts several years old that still look like new. But not this 511 belt. It makes me think that 511 quality is not what it has been. Do not waste your money on this belt. It should last more than a few months. I definitely do not recommend this leather belt. It was not money well spent. After a few months, I now need to buy another belt. It will not be 511!!



By Mitchie the Bull

from Edmonton, Alberta Canada

After two years with this belt having gone through multiple strenuous and stressful situations and having to have approx 16-20lbs of gear(two pairs of handcuffs, a multi-tool, radio w/ holster, Otterbox Defender with belt clip for iPhone 4S, key silencer, Fenix TK15 w/flashlight holder, gloves in horizontal holder and 7-8 nylon belt keepers) attached to my person with this belt under it. My only regret was not picking up another on sooner because only after approx 2.5 years of everyday use, I need another. I will DEFINITELY be getting this belt again for on and off duty.


5.11 Arc Belt

By Anonymous

from OH

Have used this belt in multiple ways so far. Every day I have used it for concealed carry (IWB Midsize pistol) and it works great. The sturdiness of the belt really helps hold the weapon up; in a way it feels lighter and definitely more comfortable than a standard department store belt. I have also used the belt in conjunction with a SERPA holster with a Beretta M9 and a double mag pouch during a small competition, and it performs well there too.

The belt hasn't shown any signs of where as of yet. Great product.


5.11 should be embarrassed!


from Austin, TX

**Disclaimer** - I love every 5.11 product I've ever tried, but I won't recommend these belts as they are now. That said, 5.11 PLEASE fix these awful belts!

The black finish wears off very fast revealing the tan leather underneath. But what really bugs me the most about this belt is the sizing. The medium belt is 32-34 inches and the large is 36-38 inches. I wear a 36" belt so the only size that works for me is the large. But I use either the last or second to last hole, leaving 5-6 INCHES of extra belt that I have to deal with. This looks TACKY! I tried the medium belt but I could barely make the first hole.


Great Purchase!

By Scott Daniel

from Tennessee

This is a great belt. I currently use it off duty when I am attending formal functions and am required to have a sidearm with me or when I am attending court. This is a great fitting and durable belt that I would suggest to anyone.


Sizing is a real problem with this belt.


from Austin, TX

If it fits you, this is a great belt. However, for me it's very disappointing that 5.11 still only offers belt sizes that are a full 4 inches apart. I need a 34-36 but they only have a 32-34 or a 36-38. I'm stuck with the first hole on one belt or the last on the other belt. I had this same problem with the 1.5" trainer belt so I cut the 36-38 down to fit, and added new velcro. I sure wish you would add more sizes!!! Then I would definitely love this belt.



By scott

from ohio

Great product


Sturdy, Comfortable for IWB carry

By Jason

from PA

I've been wearing my Arc belt daily (off duty) for about 3 weeks. The only sign of wear is wrinkling where you would bend the belt to weave it through the buckle, yet it still looks new - as it should. The belt has been comfortable from the start and the stiffness does a great job supporting the IWB holster I typically use. To reply to an above review, my belt is clearly marked 32-34 (medium) and is true to size. Even with an IWB holster, I have enough adustment room with the belt holes provided. I hope to get years of service from this belt.

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