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Style# 12026

A.T.A.C.® 8" Shield Boot

Average rating of 81%
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Purpose Built

Engineered to provide superior safety in unforgiving environments, the A.T.A.C.® 8" Shield Boot delivers unbeatable comfort, protection, and tactical utility in a clean, professional profile. A rugged upper provides breathable stability, and the CSA/ASTM-certified safety toe and puncture-resistant midsole offer reliable security. Featuring a waterproof, breathable lining construction, these boots will keep you cool, dry, and safe, regardless of the scenario. The Omega Symbol indicates that the sole provides resistance to electric shock. Safety shoes with ESR soles are tested to withstand 18,000 Volts and are required in any industry where workers may come into contact with live electrical conductors. Additional features include our Shock Mitigation System® and an oil and slip resistant outsole for enhanced speed and traction. Maximum protection in a lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting boot. Simply the best.


  • Renowned tactical boot in a professional profile
  • Composite safety toe and puncture-resistant
  • Comfortable, sturdy, and highly tactical


  • Side-zip
  • Open cell foam cushion
  • ASTM F2413-11 certified safety toe
  • Cushioned Ortholite® insole
  • Hypertext lasting board
  • Puncture-resistant midsole board
  • Non-metallic shank
  • Oil and slip resistant outsole
  • Semi-rigid heel and toe reinforcement
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Waterproof, breathable, BBP-resistant lining
  • Full-grain leather
  • Covert tactical pocket
  • 5.11® Shock Mitigation System®
  • YKK® zippers
  • Sausage laces
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 101 reviews)

81 %



From LawGraceJohn316


After 2 years of constant on the go use, started to leak water a little. Still comfortable. Time to buy a new pair! Most footwear lasts me 3 to 6 months.

I am all terrain, indoor and outdoor work. Slip resistant almost as good as standard workplace brand for about a year and half life span.

Hopefully this time they will include sausage laces. Last time listed on site, but came with standard laces (which also lasted 2 years, at least).

Overall, nice job. Include the sausage laces this time, please.



From matthew


Great boot but where is the covert tactical pocket? Ive also had the same problem with the back of the boot separating? Anyone have any ideas about keeping them from smelling?

Initial dissapointment overcome


From Daniel


I've owned these boots for about 18 months now, working 12 hour shifts as a nightwatchman/security guard at an industrial meat processing plant.

My first impression was quite negative; the side zip does not allow enough space to take boots on and off without undoing the laces, and they suffered a deep gouge in the leather from a heavy cardboard box dropped on my toe.

However, after over a year of use in an industrial environment, these boots are still reasonably comfortable.

There is some wear and pilling of the lining.
The soles are still sporting enough tread to get by, but are beginning to look worn around the ball of the foot.

The appearance of the boots is still exceptional.

The first thing I did upon delivery was strip the protective clearcoat with a scouring pad and apply many layers of boot polish with a heat-gun to melt the polish and let it soak into the leather.

A weekly single-coat repetition of this has seen the boots retain a mirror shine, despite the inevitable nicks and scratches of working life.
Due to the rigid composite safety toe, there are no unsightly creases across the top of the boot.

I haven't found the tread freezing up and becoming slippery, despite doing regular patrols through chillers and blast freezers, albeit for brief periods of time.

However, I have found them to be quite slippery in some quite ordinary situations such as water leaking onto linoleum floors.

I have routinely waded through water and chemicals, and have never shipped a srop of water.

Due to the manner in which the boots are so easily gouged and scuffed by contact with anything with a corner, and some peeling/bubbling of an outer laminate layer, I cannot give them an honest five stars.

However, they have earned a solid four, and despite the horrific cost of importing them to New Zealand, I will be ordering a second pair in an estimated six months when the tread begins to wear down to unacceptable levels.

comfort is nearly what I expected, weight is more..duh


From Kurt


Retired from fire and ems I have always had 511 boots Now my new job with the railroad requires a steel toe expecting the same as my attac boots ...not.
comfort is nearly what I expected, weight is more..duh.
My only problem is the storm flap under the zipper is to small to get my foot out/ guess I have fat feet 13W so I cut the flap with my trauma shears.(please make this change) mine lasted a year in a rough environment. just ordered two more

Soles not designed for colds weather conditions


From ArcticOFM


These boot are very comfortable overall, but not designed for cold weather conditions. The sole will freeze in low temperature and become very slippery.

Soles not designed for colds weather conditions


From ArcticOFM


These boot are very comfortable overall, but not designed for cold weather conditions. The sole will freeze in low temperature and become very slippery.

Best boot I've ever had


From PK Medic


I've read so many bad reviews on these and I don't know how. I've owned my pair for 4 years now and they are still the most comfortable and have the original laces. That 4 years includes basic EMT school and clinicals, paramedic school and clinicals, work while I was going to school, and a year and a half or better of work after I got done with school. I have lived in these dang boots for 4 years. I thought it was time to get new boots recently so I bought Bates which weren't as comfortable (after breaking in) after 1 month as these are now..... So I figured I'd try Propper boots, they're holding up but aren't very comfortable. The point is these boots survived 4 years of Cleveland winters (which means a ridiculous amount of salt which trashes shoes / boots) and many 24 hour shifts and are still the best boots I have. I would only recommend getting the 6" version which would be nicer for long shifts.

Nice boots but missing shank


From Matt


Second times getting boots from this company. Theyou last a long time but they never have had the non-metallic shank



From Chris


I primarily bought these boots to wear as my duty boots when working at the fire station and have used them for about 6 months now. As far as I'm concerned these boots do their job. They keep my feet cool and dry and I can comfortably stand around/work in them.

The only issue I have had with them is that whenever I'm taking them off to change into my bunker gear the insole has a tendency to buckle up. This is most likely from repeatedly taking them off with reckless abandon, only to toss them somewhere in the truck, so I can forgive them on that regard.

A few of the guys wear them at the station and enjoy them. I can't say these boots perform any better or worse than I expected of them.

A lot to be desired for $150


From Jason


I purchased these boots about 2 years ago due to them being highly recommended by a friend. I have run in them, walked in them, climbed fences, and have definitely put them through its paces before retiring these boots to be motorcycle riding boots due to them keeping my feet cooler than any other boot I've ridden with.

After having the boots replaced once warranty due to the eilet where the laces transition from the sole part of the boot up to the ankle part of the boot broke, about a week after having the replacement boot, the same eilet failed again. Thus where my creativity came into play. I removed the strange eilet that 5.11 uses for that part of the boot, and replaced it with the traditional "O" style eilet, and I have not since had a problem.

Onto build quality, the boots have held up pretty good over the past 2 years. Typical wear around the composite toe from abrasions and general wear on the sole. Still the most comfortable boot I own. I use the pocket of the boot for a small knife, and a spare handcuff key in the other. No problems with either falling our or having stitching break apart.

Pro's: Very comfortable boot, stays cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Storage for EDC items is a plus, pathogen resistant and composite toe were the reasons I selected the Shield 8".

Cons: Hardware on the boot feels cheap. Zipper can be cumbersome to get to function, even after lubrication was applied. Eyelets are brittle, if you lace your boots like the hulk, these are not the boots for you. Unless you feel like replacing the hardware yourself. Zippered opening on the side only allows you to open the boot up about an inch. Which still makes it necessary to untie the boot prior to taking the boot off, which can hinder you when trying to take them off in a hurry.

Price indicated that this was a high quality boot, however with the problems I've had, I'm considering other models from 5.11, and other companies as well. The flaws these boots had were quite an annoyance, but we're not acceptable for a boot of this caliber.

Thank you for reading my review. Have a wonderful day.

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