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Style# 12026

A.T.A.C.® 8" Shield Boot

Average rating of 83%

(87 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

Engineered to provide superior safety in unforgiving environments, the ATAC® 8" Shield Boot delivers unbeatable comfort, protection, and tactical utility in a clean, professional profile. A rugged upper provides breathable stability, and the CSA/ASTM-certified safety toe and puncture-resistant midsole offer reliable security. Featuring a waterproof, breathable lining and bloodborne pathogen-resistant construction, these boots will keep you cool, dry, and safe, regardless of the scenario. The Omega Symbol indicates that the sole provides resistance to electric shock. Safety shoes with ESR soles are tested to withstand 18,000 Volts and are required in any industry where workers may come into contact with live electrical conductors. Additional features include our Shock Mitigation System® and an oil- and slip-resistant outsole for enhanced speed and traction. Maximum protection in a lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting boot. Simply the best.


  • Renowned tactical boot in a professional profile
  • Composite safety toe and puncture-resistant
  • Comfortable, sturdy, and highly tactical


  • Side-zip
  • Open cell foam cushion
  • ASTM F2413-11 certified safety toe
  • Cushioned Ortholite¯ insole
  • Hypertext lasting board
  • Puncture-resistant midsole board
  • Non-metallic shank
  • Oil- and slip-resistant outsole
  • Semi-rigid heel and toe reinforcement
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Waterproof, breathable, and BBP-resistant
  • Full-grain leather
  • Covert tactical pocket
  • 5.11® Shock Mitigation System
  • YKK® zippers
  • Sausage laces
  • Odor Control technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 87 reviews)

83 %


Eyelets & Soles

By Russ


Near perfect boot, EXCEPT for the eyelets & soles. EVERY pair I've owned has ALWAYS had the eyelets (holes for the laces) separate from the boot itself and the soles (which cannot be replaced by a cobbler) wear down too quickly.


great product

By hemi bob


Right from the start the boot fit great. So far so good. I give a five out of five



By Dexter


I bought 2 pairs of these boots last year they were great boot held up to practically anything you can throw at em but I wear every single day I'm a painter so I'm on concrete all day walking the length of my paint booth back and forth never fell apart or any except my last pair the shoe lace ripped cause I'd have to retighten my boot a couple times a day cause it'd work itself loose and I wouldn't get the ankle support I need and the think sole doesn't allow much flexing so by the end of the day my feet would be killing me and when I get out of bed in the more I can barely walk for about 5-10 mins I love the thought into the boot and the side zip and pockets but I wouldn't pick this particular boot again for my everyday use


The neckbreakers



Let me start off by saying that i normally don't feel the need to write reviews if I am generally pleased with the product. These boots unfortunately I feel the need to review. I bought them in august at my local dealer because I needed them for fire school. Unfortunately I wear a size 14 and these boots were the only ones that the store had in size 14. They were extremely comfy off the bat, took polish nicely, were great...and then the snow came. Let me tell you, there is a special place in HELL* for the man that decided to market these boots to people that have snow and freezing temperatures. They're nicknamed the "neckbreakers" at the store and I can personally attest to that. Got so bad that I wouldn't dare go outside without boot grips. Terrible. And onto the quality. Obviously at fire college, I'm not wearing these boots a ton. We are in and out of turnout gear a lot. 6 months in, these boots are ruined on the outside ( and that is with daily polishing and upkeep), the inside is so completely ruined that my feet are just screaming when I wear them now. Awful. I owned taclite's before these boots and was expecting a lot more from 5.11. Really hurts to have to go and spend another $200 at the store for new boots when money is already tight from school. Apologize for the negativity but its very disappointing...


Excellent Boot

By Corey R


I purchased this boot in 2012 and have worn it almost every day since. I’m an instructor for mostly the emergency services and safety environments and I’m constantly on my feet. Whether in the classroom or in the field these boot have lasted. I’m only just recently purchasing new insole inserts as my originals have finally started to come apart. This issue is making it somewhat difficult to remove the boot since the liner does pull away from the bottom of the boot. If there is a drawback, the side zippers do not allow for quick removal of the boot. You will still need to open the laces as well. I’ve been in the emergency services field for 30 years and have been through many types of boots. I do recommend this boot for purchase.


Really Good Boot

By Beast

from VA

It's the best black leather 511 out there. Like most 511 boots after a few months it will get worn, but if you protect the leather they should last longer. The boot is light weight for what it is, water proof, and you won't slip wearing them. The only problem I have with theme is the sipper in not loose enough, so when I go to slip on my fire boots it's not as easy, but it's a heavy duty and good lookn duty boot.


Never Again

By ILM Towman

from Rocky Point NC

I bought my first pair in 2012. As a towman I have used these boots upwards of 70-80 hours a week. The problems were the storm flap at the zipper was fully attached requiring me to untie and loosen the laces to take them off. Also the stitching on my left boot where the side panel meets the heel cup came undone within 6 months. 5.11 replaced these boots for free with no headache. Within 6 months, THOSE failed in the same spot. I contacted 5.11 again. This time it was hoops to jump through and have teeth pulled. I abandoned the process and just wore them until the soles wore out. They didnt last a year.

All in all, if I got the boots for free I would wear them because they were comfortable and warm; but I will not spend anywhere near the cost for them.


Great Boot

By Al

from Denver, Colorado

I have owned this model boot for the past 5/6 years, I just ordered my third pair. They are the most comfortable boot I have found on the market to date. Yes the inner sole and liner wear out within a year but even with out replacing them they are very comfortable. If you have wider feet I would say make sure to order the wide as the leather will have a tendency to pull away from the sole if you don't. I wear the boots 6 days a week year round and they last me 2/3 years a pair, not bad for the money. I am a large person so my boots tend to get abused a lot, and I would say give them a shot they haven't failed me yet.


Love and hate

By Ger

from Jersey

I use these boots as part of my station wear uniform. I like them because of how well the fit and the composite toe they have. Also while on the fire scene they keep my feet dry.
What I really can not stand about them is that I have had 4 pairs of these boots in less the 2 years. The first pair I had the liner in the left boot came out the second time I wore them and I returned them for a new pair. That new pair only lasted about three months before the same thing happened again but it was manageable because the liner was easily put back into place. I bought my third pair this past November and this pair lasted the longest. Although the liner again came out again in the both boots at first was manageable but then got to a point where the left one wouldn't go back in correctly and was hurting my foot. Just bought my 4th pair and low and behold didn't even get two weeks out of them before the left boot liner came fully out and was impossible to put back and the right liner did the same but not as bad. With the first pair I thought it was me and changed how I took them off and went to a very thin sock but it still happened to every single pair. Also the moisture wicking, anti-bacterial lining isn't so wicking or anti-bacterial. They never really kept my foot dry from sweating. The only reason I keep coming back is because when the lining isn't coming out they are comfortable and the composite toe


Couldn't ask for a better boot!

By EMT Ross

from Pittsburgh, PA

I wear these boots for 16+ hours at a time and have for over a year now. They dry on their own and the only moisture that can ever be found inside the boot is from me, and as previously mentioned it drys very quickly. I am an EMT in the South Hills of Pittsburgh PA, quite possibly one of the hilliest areas in the US, hint the name. I never worry about slipping no matter what I'm standing on.I'm not saying you can run across an ice rink in these boots but they definitely give you an advantage when it comes to icy driveways and slick cobblestone roads. They also have held up incredibly, (Knock on wood) all seems are securely in tack and toe polishes beautifully. These boots are by far my favorite part of my uniform.

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