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Style# 59567

1.75" Double Duty TDU® Belt

Average rating of 88%
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Purpose Built

With a dual-layer reversible design that offers two different color options, the 1.75” Double Duty TDU® Belt offers exceptional versatility in a quick and efficient design. Crafted from rip-resistant nylon, the 5.11® Double Duty Belt incorporates a durable non-metallic buckle that won't set off metal detectors. An easy thread belt tip ensures fast on and off, and 5 rows of stitching provide maximum stability.



  • Reversible dual-layer design
  • Provides two color options
  • Metal-detector friendly
  • Durable and fray-resistant



  • Two-layer heavy duty nylon
  • 5 rows of stitching for stability
  • Micro-adjustable non-metallic buckle
  • Sizes run small; we recommend that you order 1 size up
  • Imported


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 42 reviews)

88 %

Strong Belt


From Ronald


When I first bought I had thought it would be a part time belt and now it is my go to belt for every day. I have seen it said that this belt is hard to thread into belt loops but I have not found that problem at all. The belt is very stiff at the start but does loosen just a bit in time. I have been wearing it every day since January 2016 bought it November 2015 as a test and review item I was asked by subs to review. I find it to have just the right thickness to hold my 1911s, M&Ps, Glocks and other guns with. Holsters or sheaths stay put and the belt does not sag or give with the weight of a firearm. I also carry a Multi-Tool, phone, spare magazine and a light. This belt has not gave a inch with all I carry on it. I highly recommend it to any and everyone looking for a affordable and well constructed belt that looks great and fits beautifully. If carry in the waist hit the next size up from your waist size to have a little play room. I did that and still is perfect. Got my wife one in the Tan and she wanted the exact size her IWB is very snug and has no give. Word of caution to those wanting to carry iwb get a size larger. As of this time this, The Double Duty TDU is the best belt I own

Great strong belt


From Jager


Been wearing this belt for just over 2 years and its still going strong. I wear it for everyday applications as well as at work under my duty belt. The velcro has frayed a little bit of the side but not much, which I'm surprised at.

Not the best belt around


From Ranger

from Yellowknife Canada

I have purchased many items from this company with all good results, except from this belt, this belt constantly slips during activities I'm not really impressed and its not worth the money, maybe adding a Velcro section at the end to assist in the keeping of it from moving.

great belt


From Medic12

from pa

I have owned and worn this belt everyday for the past 6 months (minus a handful). Including work were I wear a radio and other tools. I also carry just about everyday. And this belt is holding up great. Does not loosen, has remained very stiff, and shows very little signs of wear. GREAT BELT"

Very strong belt


From Tropic-Thunder

from Africa

Very strong, solid belt. Will hold up to pretty much anything you put it through. Works great with 5.11 Tactical Pants (any and all). Perfect for concealed carry of firearms, ammunition and knives. Plastic buckle = great for air travel. Can't say anything bad about it! Definitely recommend for anyone interested in tactical clothing.

Great design poor buckle


From Falcondriver

from California

I have this and the operators belt. I prefer the Operators belt for carrying a hostler and I prefer the buckle on the Operators belt. This belt to me gets a poor score with how hard it is to adjust the belt and how far out the buckle and belt sit when worn. I now wear this belt when I am commuting to work in civies as it wont set off the metal detectors.

Too wide


From Vic

from Hico

This belt is difficult to tighten as you lose weight you need to tighten but as you try, it moves.

Excellent for CHL


From Gumball

from Arkansas

I have had this belt for a few weeks now and it has turned out to be everything I hoped it would be. I had been looking for a gun belt that would support my Glock 19 in a N82 tactical professional series holster (IWB). Most leather belts I had been usuing would stretch and sag and not fit well if I wasn't carrying concealed. I am a federal employee and sadly I am not allowed to carry at work. However, as soon as I am off work I arm myself as soon as I can. So i needed a belt that would be easily ajustible. This belt fits the bill perfectly. Since I have been using it for CHL i have not had to adjust my weapon at my hip once. Once you cinch down the belt it stays where you put it. The strength of the belt is impressive. If I'm at work its very easy to just tighten the belt a little more to accomidate for not having a IWB holster.

The only slight downside to this belt is the buckle. It takes a little while to get the hang of tighening it all the way. Once you figure it out though its perfect and stays where you cinch it.

Double Duty TDU duty belt


From Dave 84

from Central Florida

Compliments the TDU pants and non-metalic

Great Belt for Tactical or Everyday


From Tactical LAB

from Arizona

This is a great product for everyday use and for any special occation. It is built very sturdy and so it will easily support the extra weight of a firearm or any other tool that you may carry.

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