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Style# 16001

5.11 RECON® Trainer

Average rating of 84%

Regular Price: $99.99

Special Price $59.99

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Purpose Built

The 5.11 RECON® Trainer blends comfort, durability, and agility into one high-performance shoe. The stretch mesh frame promotes flexibility and airflow, keeping you cool, and HELCOR® leather overlays ensure strength. A full-length CMEVA midsole adds structure, and an Ortholite® insole provides comfort, while the broadened forefoot and integrated Rope Ready™ Zones offer enhanced speed and traction. Lightweight, minimal, and exceptional. Shoes for the everyday workout warrior.



  • High-performance training shoe
  • Enhanced comfort, stability, and traction
  • Ideal for cross-training and any heavy-lifting workout



  • 8 mm heel-to-toe drop
  • Toe reinforcement
  • Ortholite® insole
  • Full-length CMEVA midsole
  • HELCOR® leather and stretch mesh
  • Rope Ready™ Zone
  • Imported

Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 50 reviews)

84 %

Right on the money


From OH-IO


These are true to size. I ordered a size 10 and they fit perfectly. If you're looking for something with a lot of support in the arch and ankle, these are not it. But if you want some super light, breathable shoes you can wear for casual or working out, these definitely fit the bill. I like that I'm not another Joe Blow wearing Nikes too.

What i expected from 5.11


From David B.


Just got these shoes in and I have to say to this point, I love them. They have been super comfortable to wear just like every pair of 5.11s I own. This is my first pair of shoes ( all others are boots ) and I plan to get more. Surprisingly they look good with the tactical pants too. Highly recommended!!



From JP


Love this shoe. I bought two pairs of these and use them predominantly for Crossfit. They have held up really well through some significant wear and are still one of the most comfortable trainers I've ever owned. Highly recommend this product.

great shoe


From noel


Am ordering my 3rd pair. I have owned this shoe for approximately 4 years. These are "minimalist" running shoes...i.e. very flexible but limited support. Many runners like this...I am one of them and love these shoes - I use these to run (typical run 3-4 miles every other day during summer months) to work out and casual.



From Adam


These shoes are not only light but supportive and grip like no other! I use them as approach shoes for rock climbing and they have never let me down! You can wear them for hours while at the gym or hiking and your feet still feel great. Defenatly recommend them.

Lightweight Sneakers


From Christopher


I've owned these sneakers for about 11 months now.
I'd initially describe them as very flat. The photo makes the impression of coming up the ankle a little bit and having some form. But to me, they are quite low, and soles are thin too making a very thin, flat sneaker with little support. I wouldn't run in them, and if a drop of water hits them, you feel it on your feet immediately.
However, they have lasted me a pretty long time..they are really durable and age well. My feet don't sweat and they are very lightweight. And enjoy the aesthetics very much.
I probably wouldn't buy these again but ill move up to the range master for a normal sneaker.

Best I've owned...


From Kevin


I currently have 5 pairs of the Recon Trainers. I've worn them now for 2 years. I can honestly say they're the most comfortable shoes that I've ever worn. I've worn them while on duty, to the gym, around town, vacation, you name it; they've been there. These shoes have also been very rugged. They're showing less wear than other shoes that I purchased around the same time period. The Recon Trainers also have a very unique, distinctive look. I've had many people ask me about them, and where I purchased them. I highly recommend these shoes based on comfort, style, and appearance.

Best cross trainers I've ever owned


From Djbizwy


I've had a few pairs of lightweight cross trainers from UnderArmour, Oakley, etc., and to be honest I wasn't expecting much for $70...and its not that I expected 5.11 to produce anything less than their competitors, but $70 at ANY tactical retailer can be quite the crapshoot! BUT, to my surprise, these are the best pair of running/cross-training/EDC shoes I've ever owned, and could easily beat out most cross trainers that are double the value in stores.

They are incredibly lightweight, have great breathability, and the most amazingly comfortable insoles & soles, and can tell that they will kick ass once broken in...they are really quiet too! The laces don't pinch up when tying, and the laces themselves don't seem like they will break anytime soon, and won't come untied either.

Definitely got way more than I expected, and will look to 5.11 for my running/cross training/EDC footwear in the future!

Jack of all trades, master of none


From Tex


Bottom line up front: True to size, moderately comfortable, versatile.
I ordered the sage green shoes in size 10. They are very true to size for a cross trainer. Whatever size you wear in a running shoe should be the size to order with these.
Anyway, I was let down in the expectation that I would be able to do a lot of running. You are much better going with a running shoe. There is minimal heel and arch support and the insoles don't offer a lot of cushioning. Having said that, they do secure my feet pretty well and are comfortable enough to wear the whole day. Excellent traction on most any surface.
Unfortunately the soles squeak on some floors.
Those little squares on the back with the orange 5.11 logo are tiny velcro patches and they ship with replacement black patches. (I loved this feature)
The design is neutral enough to not draw attention.
Weight is similar to a running shoe. There is almost no heel to toe drop, I would assume for increased stability.
I have not tried out the rope feature, but having worn these for a couple months I would imagine they would hold up for a few uses.
Overall these are good shoes, but not very specialized for any one application.

Give them time


From evlblkwpnz


When I first received these shoes they were insanely tight in the toe and uncomfortable, Immediately I thought maybe I should have gotten 1/2 size larger. I took a really close look at the material of the upper and decided to give them a chance to break in with very thin polyester socks. Within about 3 days worn daily they were comfortable for the type of shoe they are. After a couple of weeks they were great and I am glad I waited the break in out. They are light, breathe well, and I feel more connected to the surface that I am walking or running on. On top of that, they appear to be very durable and built for an active user. I am thrilled with my purchase and the contrast from day one to now is extreme. They are worth the wait and a great value.

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