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Average rating of 92%

(176 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

The MOAB™ 10 (Mobile Operation Attachment Bag) is part of the RUSH series of premium quality gear packs from 5.11 Tactical®. A high performance tactical go bag with room for everything, the MOAB 10 gives you plenty of room for gear and accessories while offering extensive modular storage expandability that allows you to determine how your kit should be organized. The ambidextrous padded strap is fully adjustable, while a coms pocket at the shoulder provides pass-through access for headphones. A covert pocket at the rear is TacTec System™ compatible and large enough for a sidearm, while an internal water bottle pocket includes a pass-through port for easy hydration. The interior storage area provides ample space and a variety of admin pockets for optimal organization, and an extensive MOLLE/SlickStick compatible web lining around the exterior allows you to build your storage structure from the ground up. When you need to expand your storage capability for longer operations, the MOAB 10 comes equipped with the 5.11® Tier System, allowing you to integrate the MOAB with other RUSH series bags.



  • Fully customizable tactical go bag
  • Adjustable cushioned shoulder strap
  • Water resistant treatment
  • Coms pocket at the shoulder
  • Covert TacTec pocket at rear
  • Secondary double zip pocket
  • Hydration pocket with pass-through port
  • Roomy, organized storage area
  • Multiple interior admin and stash pockets
  • MOLLE/SlickStick web platform exterior
  • Fleece lined sunglass pocket
  • Sturdy grab handle
  • Comfortable compression straps



  • Sturdy, lightweight 1050D nylon
  • 5.11 Tier System integrates with other RUSH bags
  • 18.25” H x 9” L x 5.25” D main compartment
  • 12.5” x 8” x 2” front compartment
  • 5” x 3.5” x 1.75” shoulder strap pocket
  • 9.5” x 9” 1 liter hydration pocket
  • 1093 cubic inch / 18 liter total capacity
  • Coms pocket pass-through cord slots
  • Hook and loop flag patch
  • YKK® self-healing zippers


Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 176 reviews)

92 %


Great gear bag

By Brian


Grest go bag for TacOps and hunting. Trying to turn it into a light GHB tho has been proven difficult as things like tarps and clothes take up a lot of space in the measly 19L of storage.


Ripped within 36 hours

By Matt


I bought this. Wore it 2 times. The right handed shoulder strap ripped within the first 36 hours of me receiving it. With that said the customer service was decent. I think they are sending me a new one. Unfortunately It took some time to sort through their dis-jointed customer service reps. One CS person asked to send the bag back, then about 6 days later another one ask for pics of the bag(after the first had me send them back the bag via ups). That's not great.

That being said this bag was pretty cool for the 24 hours while it lasted. I write this review not aiming to burn 5.11 but rather that they might improve (1) the sowing on this bag so that it does not break and (2) their customer service(though it is decent already).

I am not some hard core guy with hard core needs(I work at a children's summer camp). So hopefully making the bag durable enough to last more than 36 hours at a summer camp is not that difficult.

My suggestion for the buyers out there: Wait until they issue a fixed version of this bag


best backpack i own!!!

By Aaron


I was looking for a bag to use for everyday carry, I wanted something tough and that can easily organize my stuff. I love the hidden pocket for a pistol and I plan to put some soft body armor in the back.


Main strap ripped clean off - brand new!

By Edward


This is a single strap back pack. So when the only strap rips clean off it is a BIG problem. It was brand new and only been used about 10 times. I wrote a review giving this 5 stars, but I have to update with a new review even though I cannot edit the old one.

This ONLY strap was sewn in with about 3 to 4 stiches of thread. This should be the most reinforced part of the bag and mine was hanging by a string.

What good is a solid design, heavy duty zippers, material that feels like it will last forever if the main strap rips off.

It was far from overloaded. It had a small first aid kit and a t-shirt and a bottle of water when it just fell off my back to the ground.

This may have been a fluke, but if you bought this item I would give a hard tub on the main strap where it meets the bottom and see if it just pops off.


1st 5.11 Backpack

By Mauricio


Just bought this new bag, let's see if it's true...


excellent product

By mark


I use my MOAB 6 for hiking. I bought a MOAB 10 for extended hikes where more gear is needed. I can carry a surprising amount of gear, food, water, small shelter, poncho etc. Very well thought out. It is bulletproof too. Play with the adjustment strap to get it just right for a comfortable sling. I put a heavy round key ring (auto) and a caribiner on the bottom of the pack and attached it to my belt in the back so as to reduce the sag....Whole different feeling. Very nice product.


Much, Much More Than Expected

By Thomas


I know 5.11 products are really well made. If you shoot or even like their clothing, you know how well thought out the products are designed and this is certainly no different. What I didn't bank on, was just how much I would love this bag! I really do. As an on-call X-Ray/CT Technologist at a rural hospital 20 miles from my home, this bag is just the ticket for all my needs. Because I never know when I arrive if I will be there for the one exam or if it will turn busy and I end up spending the night, it's no problem because of this bag, It carries my toiletries and has room for Clif Bars and snacks, as well as room in the main compartment where I'm currently carrying 3 magazines, 2 books and my handy 3.8 x 1.2 x 7.2 inch Nelson's Classic Companion NKJV Bible, all of which fit onto a pouch that keeps them from flopping around. After that, there's STILL room for a full lunch bag I take in case the cafeteria is closed.
This bag carries nicely and fits well against your back when wearing it across your shoulder. It is NOT, however, comfortable to shoulder on the "wrong" shoulder. I am Left handed, so carrying it on my Right shoulder is weird and it sticks awkwardly out too far, but ONLY because I have it set up for Left hand carry. If you had a bag that was not so side specific, it wouldn't matter and would carry the same regardless of specific side. This is not a big deal to me at all.
The zippers are heavy duty YKK brand and if you leave a small opening on the top of any compartment, you can grab the cover and "rip" it open, with the zippers unzipping smoothly and flawlessly, giving you instant access to your desired compartment.
Stellar. That is all I have to say about this bag. Stellar. Not one week goes by when I don't tell my wife how much I love this bag and how useful it is to me. I would completely recommend this bag and know you'll find it as useful as I do.


Another TARDIS



I wanted to try an experiment, so used my Moab 10 as my primary weekend travel backpack to Cincinnati last month. It did so well, I could have used it for a week. The Moab 10 held everything I needed and still had extra room. I almost used it as my primary backpack to NYC this month, but I had juuuust a little too much for it to be comfortable to carry on my shoulder as I walked around New York. So I used my 5.11 Covrt Triab instead.

I was amazed at how sturdy and durable my Moab 10 was carrying my gear. It worked so well, I may buy another one this year. Nice work, 5.11.


Great Secondary/EDC Pack

By Troy


This is my first sling pack I have ever used, but I pulled the trigger on it because the Rush 24 was a little too large as a daybag, and the concept of being able to chain it onto the RUSH for a longer trip pack was appealing.

The bag is what I would expect of 5.11 bags and is of similar build quality to a Rush bag. The outer compartment is pretty much the outer admin compartment from a Rush 24, so if you have that bag you know what its like. the pouches on the outside can accommodate a couple of AR mags, or more realistically a couple of small, grocery store sized water bottles.

The Inner compartment has a deep ambidextrous pocket as well as separate, left and right side accessible mesh pockets. The picture on the site does not make it clear, but the mesh is actually stacked, so you cant push your arm through it, which is great for making a first aid section.

It also comes with a set of 4 of the rush tier clips, which allow you to either stack the bag onto another bag with web platform on the sides, or alternativly, use 2 as extra bottom compression straps, and 2 more to give yourself a space to clip a jacket or other load onto the face of the pack.

As VITO pointed out in his review, the placement of the hole for the hydration tube makes it so you cannot use the glasses holder. that and putting a hydration bladder into the pouch is a lot more hassle than it really should be, which is what cost it a star here.

The comms pocket so far I have not had much value out of, but if you have the backpack strapped on you correctly it is easy to reach on your shoulder so it may be a useful to store other things, but I found that It has trouble fitting my Droid Maxx, which is not a large phone at all.


Awesome bag, with one slight caveat

By Vito


I bought this bag in Double Tap color scheme and love it. I live in California not to far from the warehouse so I received it very fast. My only criticism is of the hydration tube hole being in the main pack. You must feed the tube from the hydration pouch into the main compartment but the grommet for it to feed out of the pack is right above the fleeced pocket for your eye-pro. So it cinches around the pocket sort of squishing your eye-pro. Otherwise it is an awesome pack that I hope to pair later down the road with the Rush 72 Pack. Love 5.11 products and will continue to be a customer.

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