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Style# 58604

Select Carry Pistol Pouch

(55 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

The Select Carry Pistol Pouch is the perfect concealed carry pouch for both covert ops and off duty CCW wear. Rugged, durable, and reliable, this high performance concealed carry fanny pack blends into the crowd, allowing you to stay inconspicuous. Sized for a standard size pistol, the Select Carry Pouch features our exclusive Hot-Pull™ tabs for quick and precise weapon deployment, built-in magazine slots at the front, and a fully adjustable strap with a removable pad for comfort and stability.



  • Covert and reliable concealed carry fanny pack
  • Sized for a standard pistol
  • Hot-Pull tabs ensure reliable deployment
  • Integrated magazine slots
  • Adjustable strap



  • Rugged 1050D nylon
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Removable strap padding


Ratings and Reviews


(based on 55 reviews)

78 %


Excellent Product!

By Kyle


Bought this to conceal my full size M&P40 while riding my mountain bike. Pistol fits easily inside pack. However the zipper must be positioned just in front of the rear sight so that it does not catch when trying to rapidly open the pack. Great product!


Great for outdoor carriers



The people who claim they cam barely get a 380 into this must not be using it right. Over the years I've fit a wide variety of pistols into it with no issue. These include a FN 5.7, glock 43, SW stubnose, full size cz 75 and a 1911. I currently use this with the Select Carry Pack slingbag while riding my bike. I keep a 4" 1911 in it and a spare mag in the main pouch. Sure the mag will rub up against the gun, but my pistols are tools, getting scratches is normal. In the side pouches I carry a standard size pocketknife, spare house keys, and a small flashlight. There is easily enough room to add a ID/credit card wallet to the main pouch on top of all this. For the price, this product is perfect.


Good Product

By Jake


I've carried a compact 9mm in this pouch daily for a few months now. over all worth the money. The only draw back is after continuous use it's hard to keep the buckles from letting go and getting loose.


Great holster for the perfect use, no belt, headed to store or jog, hike.

By PartisanRock



Great product. I find more uses all the time. Just used it on a steep snow hike. I had it strapped across chest. Check out my review.


Great for discreet carry

By AJ91

from Midwest U.S.

I bought this item about 4 months go and have been very pleased with it as I have with all other 5.11 equipment I own. It's ruggedness surpassed my expectations and I can easily carry my Sig 239 as well as 2 extra mags in the main compartment. The general idea that fanny packs are reserved for soccer moms and bingo grandmas actually adds to the fact that unless someone is familiar with the 5.11 logo, they will not expect you are carrying a full size pistol. I also particularly like the padding on the main points where it contacts my hip, I've found myself almost forgetting I even had it on a few times. The quick access "strap" between zippers stays bonded well to the velco and the zippers stay in place without issue. The only complaint I have is the two small extra pockets arn't of much use but I can fit ID's and a few keys in them so it's not really a major issue. In all a very good carry method and good purchase!



By Stone

from USA

THIS IS A 1ST FOR 5.11. Poor design, pouch too small, side zipper pockets cannot even fit a small ring of keys. I have no idea what those side pockets could carry other than a stick of gum. Once you open any zippers anything inside the main and tiny side zipper pockets falls out. A hazard. Belt system keeps getting loose. I would suggest a thicker heavier belt. No room for extra ammo. I can only see it used for tiny guns but even then awkard. Needs to have a larger size pouch with a better zipper system and room enough for other equiptment. This was a huge disappointment. My wife uses it for her cosmetics and female items. Even then she too said its to small and cannot carry much and items fall out when she opened the pouches. She too discarded it and now collects dust in our closet. I would not recommend for any one for any use. 511 needs to back to the drawing board on this one.


Just Right !

By Jogger

from Illinois

Don't add more pockets !!!

Don't turn this product into something it wasn't meant to be.

Most pocket nines can fit in the pouch holstered and still be drawn out quickly


Excellent for Urban/Public Environments

By Doc

from Lexington, KY

I was very impressed that this could hold a full-size CZ-75B. I was floored when I discovered it would hold my 1911 (barely, but it fits). Even loaded with the CZ and a spare magazine, it was not the least bit uncomfortable. I use this while biking or jogging in suburbia and the more urban areas of town. I am very pleased with my purchase.


Not what I expected at all

By Manshoon

from Seattle

I thought for sure it would work when I was ordering it, but I was wrong. Only big enough to fit a 380 or smaller weapon.

I was hoping for a sub compact 9mm, but no suck luck


Great Workmanship but Poor Design

By Olde

from Daytona Beach, FL

Could just squeeze in a Sig P290, so would not be easy to remove. Would prefer velcro straps rather than wide elastic band(s) which will sag with time. Will hold 2 mags, but they sit against the pistol and will scratch it; also they will fall out when unzipped. Tried a small flashlight and multitool rather than the mags, but fit is very tight. Triangular pockets might hold some cash on one side and keys on the other. But since it was designed for active use, where is the cellphone pocket or ID pocket? The way it is, it holds the pistol tight to the body and adding pockets to the front could make it bulky and droopy; but if 5.11 stiffens it and/or uses bungies to keep the depth tight it could be a useful pack. The main compartment needs to be enlarged also. If you need the 50 inches of waist strap, I bet you have pockets bigger than the pouch.

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