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Style# 53152

ATAC® R3MC Li-Ion Rechargeable Multi-Color Tactical Flashlight

Average rating of 67%


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Purpose Built

The ATAC® R3 is a fully rechargeable lithium-ion multi-color LED flashlight that provides maximum output, superior clarity, and color cycling options for versatility and utility in the field or on patrol.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior performance, multi-color versatility
  • Tested to ANSI FL1 standards
  • Intelligent high/low/strobe mode cycling


  • Output: 239 lumens on high and strobe, 23 lumens on low
  • Momentary-on switch
  • Water resistant construction
  • Black TPR soft touch anti-roll ring
  • Stamped metal pocket clip included
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack included
  • Dual CR123A battery pack included
  • Charging cradle included
  • Both AC & DC connectors included
  • Runtime: 3 hours on high, 6.25 hours on strobe, 43 hours on low
  • Impact resistant aerospace grade aluminum
  • Regulated circuit for maximum output
  • Cree® XP-G LED main light
  • Cree® red & blue LED secondary lights
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Compatible with ATAC® belt clip/holster
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3.4 average rating

(based on 14 reviews)

67 %

Customer Service

 Rated 3.0 stars

From John


ATAC R3. The the white light continues to function but the red and blue failed. But customer service doesn't fail and 5:11 will stick by its product.

Great thought but poor follow through

 Rated 1.0 stars

From McKenzey


Flashlight offers several uses and is compact however it's looks and multifunction aren't worth the cost due to a malfunction in the products push button end cap. I've had to replace this part three times during a short time span. Go with a Fenix you will be happier and it will last longer.

Waste of money.

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Nic

from Western Maryland

I am a correctional officer and the light was not put through any crazy stuff just routine counting and searching. Within the first two weeks the red lights quit working, a week later the blue. Now two months later the white light flickers and is dimmer than when it was first purchased regardless of how long I charge it. I purchased the light through ADMeyers and when I contacted them about it they told me to basically kick rocks. Very dissapointed, even when it was brand new the light was not nearly as bright as I thought it would be especially compared to some of the cheaper models from other companies. This will be the last 5.11 product I buy, except for their pants they do make awesome pants. Guess this is what I get for hiring a plumber to fix my electricity. If you want a good light go get a SureFire or a StreamLite.

Very Disappointed

 Rated 1.0 stars

From Thor

from Lake Stevens, WA

I've had this flashlight for a little over a year. It's disappointing. It started off as my go-to flashlight as I am a Police Officer and it's sometimes hard to find a good, reliable flashlight.

The first few months it was awesome! Never had a problem with it. The holster I ordered with it broke fairly early on but I was able to fix it with zip ties. The flashlight now doesn't work. I charge it, then when it's charged I turn it on and it almost immediately dims. I have to smack it a couple of times to get it back to bright. It's become more unreliable than ever. I've emailed 5.11 about this but haven't heard anything back yet.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. My supervisor also bought the A.T.A.C R3 around the same time I did and has already tossed his out for the same reasons.

Excellent for Corrections Duty Carry

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Jim

from BCS, Texas

I work the midnight shift in a federal prison, and the 5.11 ATAC R3 MC, with its wide spread and bright lumens, is amazing at thoroughly lighting up a dark cell. Great for counts and common area searches. The strobe effect is great for when you want someones attention, and the red led is great for when you don't. Fits perfectly in a medium sized flashlight duty pouch. I previously used the 5.11 ATAC L2 as my duty carry light, and was surprised by how much bigger the R3 is, but quickly got used to it. Also, the included rechargeable battery pack is a huge money saver, as I would feed my L2 a fresh pair of 123's every 2 weeks.

Good, but not great

 Rated 3.0 stars

From ihavenonicknames

from San Diego, CA

This light is decent. I received it to test out in patrol. My department is trying to find lighter equipment to issue to our officers and is considering this as a replacement for our standard issue flashlight. I work the night shift and was excited to see this light had some nice features. I like the rechargeable battery a lot since CR123 batteries can get expensive unless you get a rechargeable 18650 battery kit. I also like how it has the red and blue lights, which also strobe as I can see this being useful in patrol to get people's attention if needed. It seems well made and is lightweight. It has a good feel in the hands. But in the most important area it really lacks. It puts out a decent amount of light, but given some lights being put out by the competition it's not great. The light spread is really wide and it's almost more of a small handheld flood rather than a nice spot light. I prefer the much tighter beam put out by my other light. Because of the tigher beam and higher lumen rating of my other light, it also throws the light much farther than this light and illuminates a much larger area. My other light's lumen rating is almost twice the 5.11, is a year older, costs the same, and appears to have the same quality of construction. My other light does not have the features but I will continue to use it as my primary light (with a rechargeable battery kit). The 5.11 would be a decent backup light but I don't like it as a primary light for patrol officers. I will not recommend it as a replacement. 5.11 has a good thing here but it needs some improvement.

Not bad as a backup light.

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Frank

from Wichita KS

I was hoping to be able to use this as a primary duty light. It provides a wide splash and good intensity for interior clearing and searching. Much less focused than my Streamlight DS Stinger which can lead to tunnel vision. However, projecting across the block and further it loses its brightness.

The strobing feature is utterly useless. Strobing take 1 (momentary), 2 (momentary), 3 (click on) to be reached. For true low light searching it is little more than a throw in feature. Two quick clicks puts it in low mode. Great lumens for low. The Streamlight DS Stinger is MUCH too bright in low. However, the color LEDS are brighter but not bad.

I love the versatility of the power source(s). It's a great go-to light and I carry it primarily for backup or searching interiors. It is small enough to be comfortable with searching with a handgun, but just a tad large.

For average Joe use, this is a great light to have by the bedside.

Great light

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Chris

from Apache Junction, AZ

this light replaced my old one which had broke. since then i have been very impressed with it. it is good with directing traffic, searches, etc. my only complaint is sometimes i get a little problems with the power button (when i press the button only once and puts it on low instead of high).

Good Sturdy Light

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Erik

from St Charles, MO

I have had this light for about 6 months. I have used this light for work (patrol, range, SRT etc) and off duty and carry it in my cargo pocket. I have used it several times and have had great success using the light. The positive on off is nice so the light does not accidentally turn on in your pocket. I wish the hotspot was a little tighter for longer distances, but it fills a vehicle nicely on traffic stops. The one thing I would do to make this flashlight more user friendly is to have a charger for the rechargeable battery pack so the light can be used while the rechargeable pack is being charged. If you are looking for good quality light that you do not have to spend a fortune in 123's to power I highly recommend this light.

Great Light!

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Deputy

from Stanislaus County

I've used this light for about 3 months now and love it. I work graveyard and use this light constantly. It holds the charge really well. Comes with a car charger so if need be I can throw it on there and it's good to go. The multi color is fun, only used the red light a couple times so I could see but make it more difficult to be seen. It's a great size and it's just heavy enough to let you know you've got a solid product. My only issue with the light is that if you leave it constantly on for a long period of time it gets pretty warm. But I've found I turn it off for about 5-10 minutes and it's good to go. All in all great light that I love carrying.


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