100 Deadly Skills With Clint Emerson

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“Always Be Ready”, it’s been the battle cry for 5.11 for over 10 years. A reminder to be prepared for any scenario you may encounter in life’s journey. From the ordinary to the extraordinary; being ready to handle situations requires the right mindset and development of skills. For National Preparedness Month we teamed up with retired Navy SEAL and crisis management expert, Clint Emerson.

Clint brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. His best-selling book series “100 Deadly Skills” is essentially a handbook or reference guide that gives you tips on surviving or dealing with disasters and dangerous environments. Clint Emerson’s knowledge base is informed by serving with Navy Special Warfare for over 20 years as a part of the elite Navy SEAL’s Team Six and Team Three. He was privy to some of the most covert operations serving on behalf of his country and its allies. The missions he was part of involved a multitude of escape and evade techniques as well as intelligence gathering experience he gained while in service. After spending time with the SEAL’s and working with the National Security Agency he saw an opportunity to educate citizens and businesses in handling various crisis scenarios. Natural disasters, personal safety, work-place safety and other curriculum that give his students and clients the edge to always be ready. It’s not about being paranoid, it’s about being self-reliant and accountable.

100 Deadly Skills

When Clint wrote this hand book he set out to make the book both entertaining and informative. He wanted to open the readers mind to how bad actors or difficult situations can arise. Hopefully you will never need to use the knowledge of how to escape from the trunk of a car but knowing that a situation like that does exist in the world gives you an edge. Knowledge is power.

100 Deadly Skills – Survival Edition

This is the survival edition of the best seller and it tackles todays headline grabbing problems. Navigating active killers in public spaces to evading cyber-crimes, the latest edition covers these topics and more. In this interview with SOF Mag he talks about the Survival Edition

The Right Kind of Crazy

The latest book from Clint Emerson (available 11/2019) is an “explosive, darkly funny, and often twisted account of being part of an elite team of operatives…”. A unique memoir of sorts, that covers the tactics and situations he found himself in while conducting intelligence missions. Using a combination of improvisation and impersonation while working with cutting edge technology to “find, fix, finish and leave no trace”.

At 5.11, we are honored to work with Clint Emerson on a soon-to-be-released series of videos featuring tips from his best-selling book, “100 Deadly Skills”. For a limited time if you spend $125.00 or more, you will receive a free copy of 100 Deadly Skills with your order. The promotion starts early September. Sign up for our email newsletter to learn more about this and other special promotions.

Check out all the gear featured in the video series along with some hand picked favorites.

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