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Style# 56971


Average rating of 89%

Purpose Built

Originally designed to provide support for covert fire teams, the COVRT Z.A.P.™ (Zone Assault Pack) has become a popular off duty concealed carry pack for law enforcement officers across the country.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged and versatile concealed carry pack
  • Storage compartment holds tablet or netbook
  • Internal organizer pockets for small accessories


  • Durable nylon construction
  • Hydration compartment
  • Coms pocket with mic cord pass-through
  • Ambidextrous tension straps
  • Ballistic panel accepts standard plating
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.5 average rating

(based on 33 reviews)

89 %

Great Bag And Yes It Is 100% Abidextrous

 Rated 5.0 stars

From John


I bought this bag even though I was hesitant after reading some of the reviews about it not being 100% ambidextrous. When I first got the bag I was disappointed because I THOUGHT the other reviewers had been correct. However, I was relieved to find out both they and I were wrong in my initial assessment. There is a support strap that appears to be sewn into place, which would prevent moving the main strap to the other side. But after looking further, I saw that the plastic loops were actually C rings, not O rings. Press down on the area hidden by the webbing and you can feel it beneath. You simply slide the webbing through the middle to remove it and move the pieces to the other side. You can also remove the support strap altogether if you prefer. As I have only just received the bag, I can't say how well the zippers or side mesh will hold up. The bag feels extremely well built. One zippered compartment seems a little tough to get into, but no more so than any other bag I've ever had. Overall, it's a great bad.

Great bag but poor construction

 Rated 3.0 stars


from Quantico, VA

I bought this bag as a small diaper bag until I could use it fulltime for concealed carry and sport uses. Unfortunately the handle came apart with about 3 months of use as a diaper bag. This is light use and it appears the design of the handle or manufacturing is insufficient. Dissapointment as this bag is very versatile and a great size.

Tension shock cord not strong and broke

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Keith

from Modesto ca

Tension shock cord not strong and broke so the water bottle holder on sides are not useable.

Great bag for EMT use

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Adrian Gordon

from Virginia

I'm a volunteer EMT and I've been using this product for about four months as "jump bag" to carry the stuff I want to have with me when I get off the ambulance or to carry in my car as a first aid kit (i.e. stethescope, adult and pedi BP cuffs and sphygmomanometer, assorted bandages & tape, tourniquet, SAM splint, space blanket, cold and heat packs, etc.). It holds all of this plus my radio (side pocket) and, if necessary, a Kahr PM9.

Contrary to what some who clearly do not understand the mechanics of this bag have said, it IS completely ambidextrous. It takes about two minutes to switch the shoulder strap to the opposite buckle and to move the stabilization strap to its opposite side (you need to move the small "C" clips for the stabilization straps), so you aren't going to change it on the fly, but it is COMPLETELY ambi and everything that should be movable to make it that way is movable. In fairness, a page of instructions would be helpful to those who have never used this type of equipment before.

The gun compartment lies between the front and the main compartments and is accessed by a more or less concealed (OK, unobtrusive) zipper from either side. I have found this to be a good arrangement. I carry the bag over my my left shoulder with the strap passing across my chest and under my right arm so that the bag rests behind me, against by butt. When I need it, I simply reach back with my right hand and grab the bag and slide it around to my front. This leaves the side of the bag on top and makes access to the gun compartment very simple. I think it's probably a bit hard to visualize this, but it does work. There are two drawbacks to this procedure. First, it is not a quick draw, but I haven't found any piece of equipment for off body carry that is a quick draw. The other is that when the bag is pretty well stuffed, as mine is, getting anything larger than a Kahr PM9 in and out of the holster is pretty much out of the question. While in the best of all possible worlds I'd like to put a Glock 21 in the bag, that isn't going to happen in a bag this size with the amount of other stuff I need to carry in it. There are trade-offs in life. If I was willing to dispense with some of the other stuff I have in there, it would hold my G26.

By the way, I have tried using the MOAB 6 for this purpose. All of the medical supplies fit, but I'd need to add an extra radio pocket for the radio. Additionally, there is just no way to fit even the PM9 in the velcro closing carry pocket with all the other stuff I have in the bag and still get the pocket to close with the Velcro fasteners.

All in all the COVRT Z.A.P. 6 is an excellent bag for my purposes and needs and I highly recommend it for anyone with similar needs.

Covert zap

 Rated 2.0 stars

From ICE Agent

from Omaha, Ne

This bag is NOT ambidextrous!! The tension strap does not move so you can't switch the bag to opposite shoulder.

Tactically this is not safe. If you are right handed when you swing bag in front to access weapon, the zipper is on the bottom of the bag so you have to reach under to access your weapon. It is pointless and unsafe if your right handed because fast access to you weapon would not be possible. You'd have to reach in with your left hand which would allow access to the weapon from on top then switch it over to right hand. Not SAFE, FAST OR EFFICIENT!!

Totally Worth It

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Delrodas

from TX

I use this everyday for work, walking dogs, range. You can fit quite a bit inside and it is super easy to use and get access to the CC pouch. Biggest issues: Shouler strap needs some of the non-slip strips like some of the other 5.11 packs have.


 Rated 4.0 stars


from AUSTIN,Tx

This is an awesome bag! I use it as an in car survival kit. It is large enough to hold a a good selection of gear but not so big it clutters up my car. I carry a Glock 21 and the covert pocket carries it well with an extra mag.
only down side is the mesh pockets on the side. They will hold store bought bottle of water fine but I have a 32oz Nalgene that is too large to fit securely. Also one of the elastic cords on the mesh pocket did tear out. Other then that this bag was an awesome buy and I recommend it to any looking to pick up a sling bag. This thing goes everywhere with me!

Great bag, but not 100% ambidextrous

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Ricardo Shillyshally

from ATL

This bag is fantastic for carrying everything you need and might need on a daily basis. I keep everything from a knife, concealed firearm, first aid, charging cables, pens, notepad, iPad, wallet, keys, spare batteries, etc. in it and it still has plenty of pockets left. It looks stylish and doesn't scream "Man purse" or "Tactical gear", it just looks like a nice bag.

My only qualm with this bag is that it is ambidextrous like it says, but not really. Changing it from right-handed to left-handed is as easy and swapping the main strap from one side to the other. However, on the left buckle of the bottom of the bag, there is a support strap buckle sewn onto it. This gets in the way of putting the main strap there. Even if you do put the main strap over it, then you have a support strap that hangs off of the main strap. To bypass this, I carefully cut the stitching off the support strap and its buckle to permanently remove them. Even in right-handed mode, the support strap just gets in the way of freely move the bag around your body, so I personally did not find it necessary.

Many people wouldn't want to cut up a new bag, but if you do it correctly, you can't tell anything is missing and it won't affect the integrity of the bag. Please do not use this as consent to start hacking up a well-crafted bag, this was a personal choice made on my part.

I like to keep my phone in my pocket, so I actually use the phone pocket on the bag to hold my wallet. I always keep the bag wrap securely around me, so I'm not too afraid of it getting stolen. Plus, I've been practicing withdrawing my firearm (while unloaded) from the bag to become adept and quick in case the situation ever arises. I used the velcro patch that's built-into the bag pocket to secure a holster I already owned in there. This allows me to quickly withdraw the weapon and it covers the trigger while in the bag.

Overall, this bag is one of my favorite things to take with me everywhere I go.

Great covert bag

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Bill Larson

from Texas

Good bag for daily use.

Great Bag

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Mike

from Florida

I live in FL and needed a way to conceal carry. I am a Realtor and find myself in vacant homes and building several times a week. The weather here and how I dress do do does not allow me to carry on my hip. It's great for every day use and conceal carry.


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