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  1. $135.00
    TacTec® Trainer Weight Vest
  2. $215.00
    TacTec® Plate Carrier
  3. $130.00
    5.11® A/T Trainer
  4. $130.00
    5.11® A/T Trainer
  5. $130.00
    5.11® A/T Trainer
  6. $130.00
    5.11® A/T Trainer
  7. $130.00
    5.11® A/T Trainer
  8. $165.00
    PT-R Weight Kit 100LB
  9. $145.00
    PT-R Weight Kit 50LB
  10. $52.00
    Convertible Hydration Carrier
  11. $58.00
    PC Convertible Hydration Carrier
  12. $45.00
    WTS 3L Hydration System
  13. $135.00
    RUSH24™ 2.0 Backpack 37L
  14. $170.00
    AMP24™ Backpack 32L
  15. $105.00
    Rush LBD Mike 40L
  16. $130.00
    5.11® A/T Trainer
  17. $130.00
    5.11® A/T Trainer
  18. $45.00
    WTS Wide 3L Hydration System
  19. $105.00
    Division Digital Watch
  20. $20.00
    PT Ankle Sock - 3 Pack
  21. $15.00
    ABR Training Sock
  22. $28.00
    Cupron® OTC Sock - 3 Pack
  23. $28.00
    Cupron® Crew Sock - 3 Pack
  24. $17.00
    Cupron® Year Round Crew Sock

24 Items

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More About Men's Training

Whether preparing for an upcoming deployment or your next rescue mission, the stakes are high, so you stay ready. Training is a key element of that preparedness. But this isn’t your typical fitness regimen. Sure, you spend time in the gym pumping out sets, but as readiness evolves, so do your training routines. To ensure you are in the best position to succeed, you need to have the best men’s fitness apparel and clothing to train in.

At 5.11, our selection of shirts, shorts, pants, and hoodies gives you the freedom of movement you need to train at the highest level. We stock a full collection of lightweight, moisture-wicking shirts to help keep you cool and dry in even the most extreme conditions. Choose from t-shirts, tank tops, base layers, and pullovers.

Want a versatile, full-body workout that takes you out of your comfort zone and guarantees gains? We stock plate carriers, vests, and weight kits so you can train for whatever situations may come your way.

We also stock athletic shoes, outdoor workout clothes, socks, and more. And don’t forget to take care of the goods with Mission Control, moisture-wicking underwear. All-day performance is a breeze with flatlock seams and a gusseted construction. Oh yeah, they’re odor-control, polyester, elastane jersey knit, too. You’re welcome.

Stay Physical Training Ready (PT-R) with our full line of men’s fitness apparel and training clothes. Available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and price points to suit your budget. Always Be Ready®.

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