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  1. $99.99
    Side Trip™ Briefcase
  2. $59.99
    Bail Out Bag
  3. $14.99
    C5 Case - L (Phone/PDA)
  4. $17.99
    Flash Bang Pouch
  5. $24.99
    Large Drop Pouch™
  6. $17.99
    Radio Pouch
  7. $19.99
    Strobe/GPS Pouch
  8. $17.99
    Cuff Case
  9. $49.99
    Large Kit Tool Bag
  10. $19.99
    Holster Pouch
  11. $54.99
    Patrol Ready™
  12. $79.99
    5.11® S.A.F.E.™ 4.4 Badge Holder
  13. $59.99
    5.11 S.A.F.E.™ 3.4 Badge Wallet
  14. $29.99
    Sierra Bravo Double Mag Pouch
  15. $17.99
    Sierra Bravo Handcuff Pouch
  16. $29.99
    Sierra Bravo Radio Pouch
  17. $15.99
    Sierra Bravo Flashlight Holder
  18. $15.99
    Sierra Bravo Latex Glove Pouch
  19. $89.99
    Wingman Patrol Bag™

19 Items

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More About Bags & Pouches

5.11 Tactical Police Duty Bags and Accessory Pouches provide all the utility and functionality you need while remaining durable, reliable, and lightweight. Engineered to meet the needs of patrol officers in the field, 5.11 duty bags offer superior customizability and a high level of internal organization to ensure that all your crucial gear is within easy reach. Waterproof, weatherproof, and padded to protect against scuffing and impact, 5.11 police bags offer grab-and-go functionality that keeps you mobile. 5.11 pouches fully integrate with our police bags and tactical outerwear, allowing you to customize your loadout to meet the changing needs of the job. When you need modular storage that won’t let you down, 5.11 is the right choice.

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