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  1. $139.99
    Reversible Hi-Vis Rain Coat
  2. $329.99
    First Responder™ Jacket
  3. $329.99
    First Responder™ High Visibility Jacket
  4. $59.99
    Packable Operator Jacket
  5. $169.99
    Bike Patrol Jacket
  6. $179.99
    Reversible Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket
  7. $309.99
    Bristol Parka
  8. $289.99
    Valiant Duty Jacket
  9. $129.99
    Valiant Softshell Jacket
  10. $129.99
    Double Duty Jacket™
  11. $129.99
    TAC DRY® Rain Shell
  12. $119.99
    Chameleon Softshell Jacket™
  13. $199.99
    Signature Duty Jacket
  14. $249.99
    Sabre Jacket 2.0™
  15. $79.99
    Big Horn Jacket
  16. $59.99
    Response Jacket™
  17. $289.99
    Responder High-Visibility Parka
  18. $129.99
    Reversible High-Visibility Duty Jacket
  19. $249.99
    3-in-1 Parka™
  20. $249.99
    5-in-1 Jacket™
  21. $249.99
    4-in-1 Patrol Jacket™
  22. $249.99
    3-in-1 Reversible High-Visibility Parka

22 Items

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More About Outerwear

5.11 Police Jackets blur the line between patrol wear and tactical gear. Providing all the quality and professionalism you expect from 5.11 law enforcement apparel, our police outerwear offers a host of features designed to increase mobility, minimize drag, and maximize your response times in urgent situations. Integrated mic loops and clips allow you to stay connected without tangling wires, while our reach-through pockets and Quixip® System ensure constant and unrestricted access to your sidearm. Roll-up hoods and 4-in-1 modularity allow you to adapt to changing weather, while our breathable waterproof treatment keeps you dry and comfortable in any climate. Whether you’re shopping for lightweight uniform jackets or a full-sized Responder Parka, 5.11 has the law enforcement outerwear that meets your specific needs.

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