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  1. $44.99
    Corporate Pinnacle Polo
  2. $49.99
    Helios Short Sleeve Polo
  3. $49.99
    Reflex Polo
  4. $54.99
    Rapid Performance Short Sleeve Polo
  5. $39.99
    Performance Short Sleeve Polo
  6. $44.99
    Performance Long Sleeve Polo
  7. $44.99
    Pinnacle Short Sleeve Polo
  8. $39.99
    Professional Short Sleeve Polo
  9. $44.99
    Professional Long Sleeve Polo
  10. $49.99
    Bike Patrol Short Sleeve Polo
  11. $24.99
    Utility Short Sleeve Polo
  12. $29.99
    Utility Long Sleeve Polo
  13. $59.99
    High-Visibility Short Sleeve Polo
  14. $39.99
    Tactical Jersey Short Sleeve Polo
  15. $44.99
    Tactical Jersey Long Sleeve Polo
  16. $24.99
    Women’s Utility Short Sleeve Polo
  17. $44.99
    Women's Corporate Pinnacle Polo
  18. $49.99
    Women’s Helios Short Sleeve Polo
  19. $39.99
    Women’s Professional Short Sleeve Polo
  20. $39.99
    Women’s Performance Short Sleeve Polo
  21. $39.99
    Women’s Tactical Jersey Short Sleeve Polo

21 Items

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Continuing a proud tradition of professional and high-performance law enforcement gear, 5.11 uniform polos reflect our commitment to exceptional products tailored to the unique demands of each tactical job. Crafted from various blends and fabrics, our uniform polos are designed to excel in any condition: dress, desk duty, field work, covert duty, and even off-duty. From high-vis to covert, high performance to professional, Law Enforcement men and women can find the right polo to get the job done. Simply put, these are the best uniform polos you can buy.

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