Sidewinder Straps - 2 Pack (Small)

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Sidewinder Straps - 2 Pack (Small) Details

Secure additional items to your favorite tactical gear and take maximum advantage of your web platforms with 5.11's patent-pending Sidewinder Straps. Sidewinder Straps are a rigid nylon insert with a auto cinching integrated CAM lock that locks into web/MOLLE platforms. Quickly attach a jacket, poncho, tarp or other cover to any web/MOLLE platform.


24" Long

  • Occupies 1 column & 1 row of MOLLE
  • Nylon body locks onto webbing
  • Adjustable and cinchable nylon webbing
  • Imported

5.11® Sidewinder Straps (2 Pack): Efficient MOLLE Gear Attachment

Introducing 5.11 Tactical®'s Sidewinder Straps 2-Pack, an innovative solution designed to enhance the functionality of your tactical gear and maximize the use of web/MOLLE platforms. With a patent-pending design, these straps feature a rigid nylon insert with an integrated CAM lock that securely locks onto webbing. As a result, attaching items like jackets, ponchos, tarps, or other covers to your MOLLE platform has never been easier or more reliable.

Measuring 24 inches long, the Sidewinder Strap occupies only a single row and column of MOLLE, making it not only effective but also space-efficient. The combination of nylon body and adjustable, cinchable nylon webbing ensures a tight and secure grip on your gear, giving you the confidence to tackle any mission-specific requirement.

Imported and designed with high-quality materials, the 5.11® Sidewinder Straps 2-Pack is the perfect accompaniment for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a durable, reliable, and versatile MOLLE attachment solution. Experience enhanced performance and increased gear management efficiency with 5.11 Tactical®'s Sidewinder Straps.
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