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Style# 74447

Stonecutter Pant

Average rating of 96%

Purpose Built

Whether you're hunting, heading out for a day on the job, or a day at the range, our most durable tactical pant yet is the ideal choice. Utilizing the same innovative waist construction as our popular Apex Pant, the Stonecutter is our most comfortable, multifaceted work horse pant. Features like abrasion resistant nylon overlays for durability, comfortable lining, inseam gusset for improved seam strength and multi-use front pockets for storage make this pant a versatile option for any tactical, outdoor, or work need. The Teflon® finish on our Canvas Flex-Tac® mechanical stretch fabric is spill and stain resistant, ensuring you'll stay dry, comfortable, and clean throughout your day.


  • 9 double-stitched pockets for ample storage
  • Side utility welt pocket, dual front utility pockets and two extra back yoke pockets sized for AR mag storage
  • Flex-Tac® mechanical stretch fabric with Teflon® finish
  • Bartacked at key stress points
  • Fade and shrink resistant


  • 67% polyester/33% cotton, 6.4 oz. canvas
  • 100% Nylon, 7.2 oz. panels
  • Durable YKK® zipper with locking slider
  • Comfort waistband
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4.8 average rating

(based on 9 reviews)

96 %

Great pants

 Rated 5.0 stars

From marc


Next to the Kodiak, these are my favorite pants. The fit is good, and the fabric is water and dirt resistant. My .45 feels snug with the Drop shot belt. My only grip is the stitching. There are loose threads all over the pants. It feels as if they aren't complete. Otherwise I'm very happy.


 Rated 5.0 stars

From Tony


I originally bought these a few months ago because I was interested in the unique pocket-layout of the Stonecutter with respect to other 5.11 pants. Suffice it to say, I was satisfied with my purchase, but I didn't realize the beauty of this product until recently.

Normally when I'm out hiking I opt to wear something slightly lighter, but being on vacation and because a lot of the foliage around the Alps can run knee-high, I decided to wear these. Now normally after a long day in the wilderness with Stryke Pants or Taclite Pros, they still hold up, but they can take a beating and need to be washed. However, because of the nylon reinforcements, these held up beautifully! The Stonecutters are hands down the best 5.11 pants for rugged environments.

The smartest pants I ever bought for so many reasons.

 Rated 5.0 stars

From William


I climb around industrial equipment and I need flex and toughness. I need a coating to help keep fluids and dirt from destroying my clothing investment when collecting oil samples. I need knees with ballistic nylon material so I can kneel down on concrete floors and stay cool. At the same time I need to look good so I can go out to play a round of golf with clients. My biggest reason: I need flex to avoid pinching a nerve to reduce leg pain when driving.
All these issues have been answered by 5.11 and their Stonecutter Pants.

I love the Stonecutter Pant!

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Cameron


I love the features of the Stonecutter pant! I've worn it hiking through Bryce Canyon in January! I wear it to work! I recently attended a four-day firearms training, I found that I preferred the Stonecutter pant so much that I wore it three of the four days! The open-top/modified cargo type pocket at mid-thigh just behind the nylon is my favorite feature. I wish there were another carpenter pocket on the left side, posterolateral thigh.

Top Notch

 Rated 5.0 stars

From John from CBLTAC


I recently purchased these pant in the "grenade" color, 32" waiste, 34" inseam. They fit perfect, being just loose enough to move freely, but sing enough in the right places to be able to wear them in a wide range of environments and settings.

I've wore them in the woods in tactical gear and I have worn them presenting seminars dressed semi formally with a button up long sleeve shirt. They are excellent pants and look great.

The pants are very comfortable. The nylon overlays are thick enough to protect, but thin enough to move well. Tactically, the nylon can make a rubbing sound, but if noise discipline is not an issue, these pants are excellent. The pocket layout is well throughout and useful.

I will be purchasing each color. These are my new favorite pants.

Great fitting pants.

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Allan


I just wore these pants for the first time. I love them, they are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever wore bar none. I am 55 years old, 5'6" tall and have put on a good amount of weight the over the past few years. I could not get comfortable in jeans or Docker type pants. I love the was these pants feel and look. The expandable waist band and seat are what make these pants fit so good. These I really like all the pockets and the canvas front on the legs. These pants are suitable for wearing to a casual night out, work and the range. I usually like a 29 inseam, I had to get a 30 inseam and the are spot on with the boots I wear. Simply put these pants are perfect. I recommend trying these pants on, you will fall in love with the fit, look and functionality.

Not for short people

 Rated 3.0 stars

From John


I love the look and fit of these pants, but like most other companies they don't scale the upper part of their pants for the shorter sizes.

First the positives. The pants have a more slender very professional look and cut. The upper portion is the same comfortable fabric as the Apex pants (that I love and am wearing as I type) and the lower portion feels like a heavier cotton canvas. Together they make for a nice look. I used to find the D ring on the original Tac-lites very useful and on these they have added a fabric D ring of sorts on the right front belt look. There are upper rear hip pockets, similar to the Apex pant placement that would be good for quick access to an AR or pistol magazine.

Now the big negative and the reason I'm returning them. I'm 5'7" and wear a 30 length. As an aside, 5.11 pants always run about an inch short compared to all of the other brands and I've had to resort to buying 32" length and get them shortened. The front pockets along the seams of the upper and lower portion of the pant are well hidden and is a nice change from typical cargo pocket design, but the problem is that I imagine the difference between a 30" and 34" length is simply the extra fabric length at the bottom. The pockets sit so low that when I put my cell phone in that thigh pocket it bangs into my patella (knee cap). If I was taller and thus wearing 32" or 34" length pants it would be a few inches above my knee and be fine, but because they don't scale the upper portion of the pants it simply just isn't a good design for shorter people. I tried putting my cell phone in the rear hip/magazine pocket, but it sticks out and just overall isn't a good place for it.

So in summary, I absolutely love the look and fit of the pants, but because of the poor pocket layout I'm returning them. :-(


 Rated 5.0 stars

From Michael-Glenn


These feel great! As Matt described, It is hard to tell from the available images on the website, but there is also a second pocket, mid thigh at roughly 0330, right up next to the outer seam. These pockets are great for an AR mag or smartphone. Looking at the pictures in the 5.11 website of the grenade color, it looks like the colors are very different from the top and bottom half of the pants. In reality, its not that differentiated. It is more closer in color. Im thinking of getting the Khaki color sort as well. If grenade was offered in other pants, i would get more. The fit is good. not baggy, nor super slim fit. I have no issues kneeling, squatting, or kicking. Keep you posted after few weeks of use. Thanks 5.11 for making another solid field product.

Well played 5.11, well played.

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Matt


Just got these in today! As I've not had a chance to give them a run through at the range, I'll try to keep this to a brief but thorough first impression.

Overall these pants are excellent, another great addition the 5.11 line! They remind me of a hybrid of the Apex and Ridgeline pants. There's an odd combination of streamlined style and rugged functionality that I am just absolutely thrilled with. The materials and craftsmanship are, as always, superb and the fit is true and very, very comfortable.

The upper is pretty much exactly like the Apex pants. Pockets, zipper, gusset, material....pretty much everything but the hidden key pocket inside the back of the waistline is basically the same. There is a slightly different belt loop (first on the right side) that has an interesting little tag for a clip on keyring/chain. I doubt I'll use this, but it seems pretty sturdy and low profile so I don't have any problem with it at all.

On to the differences.....

The thigh pockets blend in very well with the seam between the canvas lower and the Flex-Tac upper. I really like these! They are open topped (no zippers or any other sort of closing fasteners) which I like as it allows for easy access to your phone, knife, wallet, or mag. They're pretty much perfectly sized to hold a 30 round AR or AK mag or smartphone so I will use them often. They keep your items close without being either too snug or too bulky, something I loved about the "cargo" pockets on the Apex pants, so I'll call this aspect of these pants a very solid win and an excellent design idea.

It is hard to tell from the available images on the website, but there is also a second pocket, mid thigh at roughly 0330, right up next to the outer seam. My only qualm on this pocket is that I wish it was mirrored on the left leg. (Possibility for the Stonecutter 2.0s?) It is slightly shallower than the other thigh pockets but like them it is otherwise pretty much perfectly sized for a smartphone or mag.

As for the fit, the gusseted crotch leaves no restricted movement whatsoever. Also, I've got pretty long, skinny legs (I wear size 30x36 and the waist and inseam fit perfectly.) With that said, I would love to see these (along with the Ridgeline and Apex pants for that matter) have a "slim fit" option for the sizing. (Any chance of that ever happening 5.11?)

Also the available colors are nice. I got them in Grenade, which is basically a dark greenish/OD. (Would love to see them in other colors though later on down the road.)

Other than that, and overall, I am super excited about these pants! They are functional, comfortable, very well made, and they look great. Would definitely recommend and would love to get more! Well done 5.11!

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