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Style# 59343

TACLITE®2 Gloves

Average rating of 70%
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Purpose Built

When precision and dexterity are paramount, the TACLITE® 2 Glove provides excellent responsiveness in a lightweight, second-skin design.

Features and Benefits

  • Practical protection, cool and comfortable design
  • Lightweight, fast-drying
  • TacticalTouch™ fingers


  • Single-piece sheepskin construction
  • Seamless sheepskin palm
  • Integrated sweat wipe at wrist
  • Four-way stretch back panel
  • Breathoprene® and hook and loop brand closure
  • Imported
  • BS EN388:2003 Certified: 3001



EN 420-2003

Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3.5 average rating

(based on 30 reviews)

70 %


 Rated 1.0 stars

From Richard


Had a pair that didn't last long. The stitching isn't quality. Very light weight for continued use. Step up to a different glove with better stitching.

Did not meet expectaions

 Rated 2.0 stars

From Mundo


I purchased a pair of the 5.11 tac gloves about 1 month ago. I work on the Gate at ft. Leavenworth KS and I don't do much with the gloves other than weapon use and checking vehicles. One of my gloves already has a huge hole in the palm and the stitching near the thumb and middle finger is begging to separate. If the gloves were only for shooting than they would be a great buy. If you anything other than that, I would recommend, choosing a different pair.

Right tool for the right POLICE PATROL job

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Bill




1. You can type and use a touch screen, shoot, perform weapons manipulations etc., manipulate zippers, remove small note pads from pockets, retrieve pens, handcuff keys while wearing them.

It is my experience that you will need gloves when you least expect it and driving 80 while fishing out gloves of a pocket, finding them in the dark, pulling them off to run a plate and putting them on is not safe and is irritating.


They are a better temporary barrier to water or blood or other liquids than NOTHING at all.

PRO: You can shoot with them on and perform manipulations well. In fact they may improve your draw if you are shy about ramming a cuticle into the edge on your gun holster.

PRO: If you are in an unexpected fight you are more likely to be already wearing them. There is no requirement to take them off.


1. The finger tips rip after a short time. This is pretty consistent.

2. They are a poor temporary barrier to fluids. So when you put your hand in water your hands get wet and if they got blood on them they would have to come off FAST!

3. In a really rocking fight or pulling yourself over fences or walls it is not the best protection and will probably rip the glove. There may be other, better tools for that.

My analysis: I must like these because I keep buying them. They allow me to do everything I need without the on off routine all shift. BUT - I HAVE TO KEEP BUYING THEM! The finger tips rip. Well played 5.11..well played.

If there were a way to build them out of a slightly more rip resistant leather I would pay more for them. Can't you guys find a miracle fabric or leather? What about kangaroo? But only if I could still keep their feel sensitivity and screen compatibility. Or, if like other gloves in the line, I could keep them in service longer by just removing a torn finger tip without compromising the rest of the integrity of the glove, that may be a good compromise. The other model 5.11 offers is not in all black and, because of department is super reasonable, I can't wear them. Are you listening 5.11 ?

I have not found a better solution for my requirements but wish they could be improved.

Nice gloves!

 Rated 4.0 stars

From PaulWVa


I bought a pair of these 5.11s at our local Gander Mtn. Store. Overall I'm pleased with these gloves for what I bought them for. I got these for range use mainly. I have issues with my hands and wrists and decided to try shooting gloves for extra support. These gloves helped me go through an afternoon of over 400 rds of 9mm and .45 acp. I wore them for every shot, even shooting a brand new gun proved to be no problem. Handling my pistols and mag loader were as easy as bare handed. I was worried that having a covered trigger finger would be an issue but it was not at all. The triggers and all controls felt fine to me.

Even though I got the 2x these are just a little short in fingers and thumb web. I'm hard to fit I know....and they do fit pretty good. They do make nice driving gloves...I drove all the way home from the range with them on....it never occurred to me to take them off. Since I'll use them mostly on the range I hope to get a long life from them. I think I'll pick up another pair anyway....just in case.

No Issues

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Brian


Bought these gloves as a standard patrol glove. After 6 months of use and plenty of consent searches, they have held up great. Even after being frozen in a block of ice (station prank) they have held up very well. Would suggest a kevlar glove if you think your going to run into any needles.

best feeling in it, bad stiches

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Wik7im

from Croatia

Best gloves i owned, perfect fit and feeling, i can even count stiches on persons pants when i frisk him but so bad stiches, torn apart after 3 months of regular use, had to take it twice to the local sewer so he can put them together again. in my country not possible to buy, and shipping to big to get new ones.

Great concept - but poor execution

 Rated 4.0 stars

From Michael

from Copenhagen, Denmark

I'm soon running on my third pair of gloves. They wear out far too quick. I take really good care of the gloves, but the stitching is way worse than the typical 5.11 quality. The glove as a concept is really great, but gloves that come apart in less than half a year should cost that much.

I'm really looking forward to an updated version!

Pretty good

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Dutch

from Glenville, PA

Snug fit! Leather is soft and the gloves appear to have been put together well. I am happy with the purchase. The tags inside the gloves are not easily removed, but could cut the. Out. Not sure the large tags were needed, to include the ID tags. All in all, exlose to what I had hoped for and expected.

Good glove, excellent tactile sense

 Rated 4.0 stars

From mmomjian

from Newtown Square, PA

This is an excellent pair of gloves. I am an EMT and was looking for something to wear during the winter on night shifts. This fits the bill. The single-piece palm and fingertip construction means that I can feel a pulse and assess a patient with the gloves on. The tight fit makes it easy to wear under a pair of latex gloves for BSI. My only con is that they are not as warm as I would like, but they are very warm considering how thin they are. They do help cut down on the wind which helps.

DON'T BUY!!!!!!!!!!!

 Rated 1.0 stars


from CA

I BUY ALL 5.11 PRODUCTS FOR WORK. I tried this glove on at the uniform store and it felt great. I had it for about a month and the stitching fell apart. If they can make this glove durable and improve the stitching i would buy it. But until then buy another glove.


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