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  1. $59.99
    Rapid L2
  2. $49.99
    Rapid 2AA
  3. $49.99
    Rapid L1
  4. $39.99
    Rapid 1AA
  5. $89.99
    Station 3D
  6. $59.99
    Station 4AA
  7. $44.99
    Station 2AA
  8. $139.99
    Response CR1
  9. $109.99
    Response XR2
  10. $74.99
    Response XR1
  11. $24.99
  12. $19.99
  13. $24.99
  14. $149.99
    TMT® R3MC Flashlight
  15. $69.99
    S+R H3 Headlamp
  16. $49.99
    Response XR Charger Kit
  17. $39.99
    Flexio Penlight
  18. $39.99
    S+R H2 Headlamp

18 Items

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More About Flashlights

5.11 Tactical flashlights have set the benchmark for tactical flashlights around the world. Used by patrol officers from coast to coast, 5.11 flashlights and flashlight accessories are crafted with durability, utility, and performance in mind. From our energy-saving line of LED flashlights to the superior life and power of our rechargeable flashlights, 5.11 Tactical flashlights have the performance, luminescence, and resilience to excel in any environment. In addition to a full line of high performance flashlights, we offer flashlight accessories that allow you to customize your deployment options. Whether you need a flashlight holster for your ATAC L1 or a tactical battery case for extended operations, 5.11 has the tactical flashlights and flashlight accessories you want at an affordable price.

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