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Style# 56219

36" Shock Rifle Case

Average rating of 80%

Purpose Built

Designed to protect your prized firearm without slowing you down, the 36” Shock Rifle Case provides professional protection in a highly mobile frame.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, professional, affordable
  • Highly mobile design
  • Fully padded interior


  • Holds one 36” rifle
  • Integrated rifle retention straps
  • Locking main compartment zippers
  • 600D polyester exterior
  • 300D padded polyester interior
  • 12.5” H x 38” L x 2.75” D main compartment
  • 1306 cubic inch / 21 liter total capacity
  • ID window and WriteBar™ for easy ID
  • Overt 5.11® Branding
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 4 average rating

(based on 3 reviews)

80 %

Simple Slick Case

 Rated 4.0 stars

From JonOz


This is a perfect slick bag to supplement with a hard case or light transport. Like other reviews mentioned, it's not meant as a stand alone case for air travel or serious abuse.

Just enough padding to protect from dings and the internal sleeves gives it added protection; as well as, rapid removal. Two zippered pockets are great for smaller items. The back pack strap are light but not padded.

Only complaint is I wish the internal weapon retaining straps had more adjustment points or were more modular to fit an assortment of weapon systems. Ex: One of the retaining straps lined up to where my pistol grip was, rendering it useless. Also the bag is longer than 36", as mentioned in the dimensions. Makes it difficult to stuff in the Pelican 1700 case.

Overall, its all you need in a slick carry case.

Great bag for the intended purpose, it is what it is, don't expect it to be air drop capable.

 Rated 5.0 stars

From Ducky


I'm a very critical person and this bag is outstanding for its intended purpose, a single rifle soft case. Secure your rifle and put it in the back of your vehicle. This is clearly not a travel on an airplane bag (unless you put it in a solid hard case) so don't expect it to be bombproof.

Stitching, nice job
Securing a full sized carbine, great job. The straps are secured with 3 loops each, you only need to use 2 so the straps seem to reach just fine. I took pictures but there is no place to post them. I do like it less with my SBR's but it's not built with a SBR in mind. I can extend the stock to make it a bit more snug but that's why I have the discrete carry bag for those rifles. It is perfect for my 16in AR with ACOG, I don't use vertical grips so no gripe from me on the way it sits in the bag.

Storage, this isn't a go to war deployment bag, Odds are good the average person is going to have a range bag for all of his/her doodads and ammo so the slim profile is a plus for me.

MOLLE points. Sure, they are there, go ahead and add your extra pouches but you really lose the slim aspect as soon as you do. I have no intention to do so (just saying).

Backpack conversion using the shoulder strap. Interesting idea. If you are making one trip into the range and you have a bunch of gear this will clearly help. I don't see the average shooter using it often but I love that 5.11 really didn't have to reinvent the wheel to make a simple easy to use feature.

Now I don't want to sound like some paid spokesperson so here is a negative. I would have loved to see a small insert for liquids. maybe a removable pouch for a small bottle of clp. I usually keep a bigger bottle in my range bag... but I have proven to myself several times that 1 really is none when I left the big bottle at home.

Another gripe that would be a simple fix. Add some elastic webbing in the pockets to keep the mags from sliding around. I love that my 40 round Pmags fit but holding them to the insides would be nice. The right measurements and AK mags would also be easy to secure.

Are you still reading this? Cool, the webbing on the front has spaces that allow you to easily attach a GI Issue cleaning kit, you know the one with the ALICE clips that always failed in the field but heaven forbid you remove them and try to return it "modified" to CIF.

So I admit, I have a bunch of 5.11 bags, not all, but a good selection and I some would say I fall into Fanboy territory, but I buy other brands as well, I just keep coming back to 5.11 over and over to buy their bags for specific purposes. My four-banger is a horrible diaper bag but the Rush MOAB 10 and 6 are amazing at concealing a pistol (Moab 10 suppressed), diapers and all of the other baby stuff my wife makes me carry... so keep that in mind when you read this review of the Shock Rifle Case, it's a good bag, lots of room, nice and slim, the strap sturdy enough to get a single rifle to and from the range for a lifetime and it will protect your gear from the typical excursions to the range.

Great AR-15 Starter case

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Surf-liner Safety

from Boynton Beach, FL

This is a great affordable option for your new AR-15 or short rifle enthusiast with basic guns (no accessories) and is not looking to make a major investment. I would not recommend it for someone that has quite a bit invested in their rifles or plans on using the case for heavy duty use. If those are you needs, I would go ahead and invest in the VTAC line of cases.

Let me be the first to say that I am 5.11 enthusiast, I have been a fan years and will always recommend their products over any others because of quality. With that said I was a little taken back by the quality of the case once I received it compared to my expectations.

Don't get me wrong, the case was nice and well constructed, just not up to the quality I expected or required when I compared it to the ATAC and VTAC case series.

The case lacked the construction and support I have come to expect, but was understood for the value. The padding and support of the side walls of the case was not what I expected and there was no padding on the bottom center of the bag.

The padding used in the bag is great to protect a basic rifle without any additional equipment. The pad ring that is just inside the zippers was not what I expected. With the upgrades and equipment I have added (glass sights etc.) to my rifle I felt the case was not adequate for my protection, storage, and transportation needs.

The case has nice storage pockets on both sides of the front of the case which can store about three 30-round magazines each laying on their sides from bottom to top. The pockets are a little thin and once filled with the mags there is not much room left for anything else but the storage is adequate for the cases value. I do really like the elastic loops added at the edge of the zipper in the closed position that will allow you to pass the zipper tassel through to secure zipper to keep it closed.

There is only one set of "hook and loop" (Velcro) fasteners straps to secure the rifle in the case, the straps were a tad on the short side and secured the rifle, the straps just limit the options for placement in the case and tended to pull the sides in if tightened too much.

Once the bag was loaded I was not happy with the way the rifle sat in the bag and left a weird bulge in the bag. This was probably due to the extra weight and size of my rifle form the added accessories compared to a stock rifle.

The shoulder carry strap was just that, an inch wide nylon strap without any extra shoulder padding. I really liked the elastic bands added to the straps to keep it extra strap from flapping around once adjusted to the desired length. I do like the added triangle on the back of the bag that allows the should strap to convert in to back pack straps so the case could be carried vertically.

This case would be great from the house to car, and the car to range but not for long distance transportation.

I purchased the case for storage, protection, and transportation of my AR-15. In the end, I exchanged the case for the higher end VTAC line case to get the added protection I was originally looking for. Don't get me wrong this is a great case for the value for a basic rifle or starting buyer who does not have or does not want to have a ton of money in a starter AR-15, it just did not meet my needs. Price really drove my buying decision, but in the end I still bought a 5.11 product. No one else compares.

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