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  1. Select Carry Pistol Pouch
    Select Carry Pistol Pouch
  2. Holster Pouch
    Holster Pouch
  3. Single Pistol case
    Single Pistol case
  4. 36" Shock Rifle Case
    36" Shock Rifle Case
  5. VTAC® Mk II 36" Double Rifle Case
    VTAC® Mk II 36" Double Rifle Case
  6. 42" Shock Rifle Case
    42" Shock Rifle Case
  7. VTAC® Mk II 42" Double Rifle Case
    VTAC® Mk II 42" Double Rifle Case
  8. 2-Banger Bag
    2-Banger Bag
  9. 4-Banger Bag
    4-Banger Bag
  10. 36" Urban Sniper Bag
    36" Urban Sniper Bag
  11. 50" Urban Sniper Bag
    50" Urban Sniper Bag
  12. COVRT Z.A.P.™ 6
    COVRT Z.A.P.™ 6
  13. COVRT™ M4 Shorty
    COVRT™ M4 Shorty
  14. COVRT™ M4
    COVRT™ M4
  15. COVRT™ Pistol Pouch
    COVRT™ Pistol Pouch
  16. Crossbody Range Purse
    Crossbody Range Purse
  17. Select Carry Sling Pack
    Select Carry Sling Pack
  18. RUSH TIER Rifle Sleeve
    RUSH TIER Rifle Sleeve

18 Items

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More About Pistol & Rifle Cases

Ensuring the safety and security of your firearms is crucial; 5.11 gun cases offer strengthened hardware, stable and absorbent padding, and complete weather protection to ensure that your firearms are safe and secure at all times. From our premier VTAC soft rifle case to our quick and convenient sidearm gun bags, 5.11 soft gun cases are engineered to provide maximum protection against jostling, impact, and weather without weighing you down. Ideal for a trip to the gun range or a trip up the mountain, our soft gun bags are loaded with organizational features that allow you to keep accessories, optics, and ammunition within easy reach. From our full sized soft rifle bag to our compact single pistol case, 5.11 has the firearm transport solution you need at a surprisingly affordable price.

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