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  1. Taclite® Pro Pant
    Taclite® Pro Pant
  2. 5.11 Stryke™ Pant
    5.11 Stryke™ Pant
  3. 5.11 Tactical® Pant
    5.11 Tactical® Pant
  4. Apex Pant
    Apex Pant
  5. Ridgeline Pant
    Ridgeline Pant
  6. Stonecutter Pant
    Stonecutter Pant
  7. Kodiak Pant 2.0
    Kodiak Pant 2.0
  8. Traverse™ Pant 2.0
    Traverse™ Pant 2.0
  9. Fast-Tac™ Urban Pant
    Fast-Tac™ Urban Pant
  10. Fast-Tac™ Cargo Pant
    Fast-Tac™ Cargo Pant
  11. TACLITE® Flannel Pant
    TACLITE® Flannel Pant
  12. XPRT® Tactical Pant
    XPRT® Tactical Pant
  13. Covert Khaki 2.0 Pant
    Covert Khaki 2.0 Pant
  14. Tactical Duty Kilt
    Tactical Duty Kilt
  15. Bike Patrol Pant
    Bike Patrol Pant
  16. 5.11 Stryke™ Motor Pant
    5.11 Stryke™ Motor Pant
  17. Covert Cargo Pant
    Regular Price $54.99 Special Price $24.99
    Covert Cargo Pant
  18. TACLITE® Jean-Cut Pants
    Regular Price $49.99 Special Price $19.99
    TACLITE® Jean-Cut Pants
  19. Traverse™ Pant
    Regular Price $89.99 Special Price $29.99
    Traverse™ Pant
  20. Kodiak Pant
    Regular Price $89.99 Special Price $34.99
    Kodiak Pant
  21. REALTREE X-TRA® Taclite® Pro Pant
    Regular Price $69.99 Special Price $24.99
    REALTREE X-TRA® Taclite® Pro Pant
  22. ENDO.K Internal Knee Pad
    ENDO.K Internal Knee Pad
  23. XPRT® MultiCam® Tactical Pant
    XPRT® MultiCam® Tactical Pant

23 Items

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More About Tactical Pants

Made famous by the FBI National Academy, the original 5.11 Tactical Pants were the genesis of 5.11 Tactical clothing and we’ve spared no expense or effort in ensuring that they retain the hallmarks of quality, durability, and performance that continue to define 5.11 Tactical today. Specifically crafted as everyday armor for tactical operators of all kinds, including Swat officer, Soldiers, Patrol Officers, Contractors, and EMS / Fire professionals, we offer variations of tactical pants for men in numerous specific industries. From covert cargo pockets for covert functionality and subtlety to reinforced knees and hems for harsh environments, we pride ourselves on offering the best tactical pants for a wide array of needs.

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