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  1. $105.00
    RUSH12™ 2.0 Backpack 24L
  2. $185.00
    RUSH72™ 2.0 Backpack 55L
  3. $135.00
    RUSH24™ 2.0 Backpack 37L
  4. $80.00
    RUSH MOAB™ 6 Sling Pack 11L
  5. $205.00
    All Hazards Prime Backpack 29L
  6. $36.00
    6 x 6 Med Pouch
  7. $26.00
    Radio Pouch
  8. $62.00
    2-Banger Bag 3L
  9. $145.00
    All Hazards Nitro Backpack 21L
  10. $42.00
    UCR IFAK Pouch
  11. Regular Price $92.00 Special Price $59.49
    Rapid Quad Zip Pack 28L
  12. $170.00
    AMP24™ Backpack 32L
  13. $25.00
    HEXGRID 9X9 Gear Set™
  14. $25.00
    Double Deploy Gear Set™
  15. $45.00
    2 Banger Gear Set™
  16. $30.00
    Admin Gear Set™
  17. Regular Price $199.99 Special Price $129.49
    Mission Ready™ Document Bag 16L
  18. $25.00
    Laser Cut Molle Gear Set™
  19. $205.00
    Load Up 22" Carry On 46L
  20. $35.00
    Helmet/Shove-it Gear Set™
  21. $22.00
    Range Master Small Pouch
  22. $26.00
    Range Master Medium Pouch
  23. $32.00
    Range Master Large Pouch
  24. $26.00
    Range Master Padded Pouch
  25. $50.00
    Utility 9X9 Gear Set™
  26. $52.00
    Emergency Ready Pouch 3L
  27. $105.00
    Overwatch Messenger 18L

27 Items

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More About Tactical Backpacks

Gone are the days of just throwing your gear into any old bag you dust off from the garage. Your equipment, tools, and EDC items are important and should be treated as such. Tactical backpacks and men’s carry bags have come a long way, with integrated technology, durable construction, and the latest fabrics and materials that are constructed to withstand the wear and tear your bags will face.

Whether you’re off for an early morning at the shooting range or embarking on a serious, hardcore hiking and camping excursion, the bag or backpack you select can make or break your trip, so choose wisely. Fortunately, 5.11 stocks a full array of tough, durable, and highly functional tactical backpacks and bags for men.

Bag features include various compartments for anything from a laptop and water bottle to concealed carry firearm. Organization is key, and our men’s bags offer the organizational components to keep your gear where you need it, when you need it. A strong organization system with everything in a designated space will ensure your quality items last for years to come.

From messenger bags and luggage to pouches, weight kits, and hydration systems, 5.11 has the ideal bag for your needs, including our popular RUSH™ 2.0 line of men’s backpacks, as well as our bestselling AMP™ backpacks.

Always Be Ready with a men’s tactical backpack or carry bag from 5.11 Tactical.

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