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  1. $39.99
    Fast Tac TDU Short Sleeve Shirt
  2. $54.99
    GEO7™ Fast-Tac™ TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt
  3. $59.99
    GEO7™ Fast-Tac™ TDU® Rapid Shirt
  4. $79.99
    MultiCam® TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt
  5. $49.99
    TACLITE® TDU® Short Sleeve Shirt
  6. $74.99
    MultiCam® TDU® Rapid Assault Shirt
  7. $49.99
    TACLITE® TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt
  8. $49.99
    TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt
  9. $174.99
    5.11 Stryke® TDU® MultiCam® Long Sleeve Shirt
  10. $49.99
    Fast-Tac TDU Rapid Shirt
  11. $39.99
    Fast-Tac™ TDU™ Long Sleeve Shirt
  12. $79.99
    5.11 Stryke™ TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt
  13. $79.99
    5.11 Stryke® TDU® Rapid Long Sleeve Shirt
  14. $69.99
    CDCR Line Duty Shirt
  15. $139.99
    5.11 Stryke® TDU® Rapid MultiCam® Long Sleeve Shirt

15 Items

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More About TDU Shirts

From our traditional Twill or Taclite tactical duty shirts to our innovative, hi-tech MultiCam® Rapid Assault Shirt, 5.11 TDU shirts offer full-featured functionality, expert craftsmanship, and enhanced durability to give you maximum performance and reliability across the board. Built to keep you mobile, agile, and in control during high stress situations, our men's TDU shirts offer superior tactical utility, unmatched flexibility and responsiveness, and rugged resilience in the harshest environments. Reinforced with modern materials, crafted with precision engineering, and designed with input from real-world tactical operators, our TDU shirts are built to overcome any obstacle. Accept no substitutes.

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