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Style# 73318

Tactical Duty Kilt

(66 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

A standard kilt says you're a man. A 5.11® Tactical Duty Kilt says you're a bad man. Built from lightweight, all but invincible Taclite® ripstop fabric, with reinforced triple-stitching and a TEFLON® finish, the Tactical Duty Kilt is durable and comfortable. Featuring front slant pockets, TDU-style cargo pockets sized for multiple magazines, and belt loops sized for a 1.75" Operator Belt, this kilt packs a punch. Whether on duty, at the range, or in the woods, you'll have the freedom and firepower man was made for.



  • Durable, comfortable tactical kilt
  • Enhanced range of motion and storage options
  • Ideal for the range, casual wear, and the Highlands



  • 6.14 oz. polyester/cotton Taclite® ripstop fabric
  • Triple-stitching at seams and major stress points
  • Reinforced front slant pockets
  • Interchangeable TDU-style cargo pockets sized for AR magazines
  • Belt loops sized for 1.75" Operator Belt
  • Mounted D-rings
  • TEFLON® finish

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 66 reviews)

93 %


TactiKilts Rule!

By Chewy

from Flagstaff AZ

The ONLY complaint I have about this product is that the stitching tends to fray a bit at the seam ends for me. Just a few Irish pennants... Not a huge deal. To be honest this kilt is the only pair of "shorts" that I own and they have been really nice to have over the summer.

Also the airflow you get on a motorcycle is UNREAL... it's almost like you have nothing on at all.


Tactical Kilt

By California Scot

from Modesto, CA

I have two of these kilts. I wear them daily after I get off from work. They have replaced my summer shorts and are a part of my everyday casual wear. This product is great for everything I do. And is far better than wearing my family kilt everyday.


one of the best kilts i have owned

By Daniel

from Bedford Texas

I've bought a few of these kilts as they were available. they have been some of the BEST daily wear kilts i have ever owned and SO much less expensive than some of the other neo-kilts on the market at this time. i have been a big fan of 5.11 products for a long time and this kilt only made me that much more of a supporter.


Must own


from Missoula, MT

I own 3, and whenever I can buy more I will.

I wear one daily for strenuous work, and I'll never go back to pants or shorts if I can avoid it. The comfort is just too great.


WOW, first kilt


from Texas

This is my first kilt, and I love the fit and freedom. Will wear this instead of my cargo shorts.



By Boneguru

from Arizona

I have 2 colors, green and tan, was looking for a while before deciding on the 5.11. I had one for over a year and no complaints, decided to get another because of the quality. From hunting to hiking and camping I havent found a reason to dislike them.


Definitely a conversation starter

By Sean F

from East Coast

5.11 tends to put out great stuff, and the TDK is no exception. They really listen to there customer base. Looking forward to next years limited release.


5.11 TDK=Good stuff, Maynard

By Frag

from St Louis, MO

I shoot US Practical Shooting Association matches all summer long in the lower Midwest (around St Louis), and it gets hot and humid in the summer. With regular pants, that generally leads to only one thing--swamp "butt." Wearing a kilt means you don't have to worry about that. You also don't have to worry about it binding in the crotch or chafing in sensitive areas. A kilt is the most comfortable shooting garment, period. I generally only wear it to major matches, but I'm thinking about making it my regular thing.

The construction is the same as 5.11's other garments, so it's very well made. The fabric is essentially the Taclite stuff, so it breathes well and resists dirt. The front pockets are great. I haven't really used the side pockets, because they're not integral to the garment, but they're also removable.

My only gripes:
1) I wish it had the 5.11 slash rear pockets. I generally miss not having rear pockets, especially when I carry a utility folding knife (I carry my social knife somewhere else).

2) I wish they were available more than once a year. I understand 5.11 not wanting to sit on a huge amount of inventory, however. Next year (if they do it again), I'll get a multicam kilt.

3) I wish it were about 1"-1.5" shorter. It feels a touch long. I'll probably have it tailored at some point in the not-too-distant future.

I had already owned a Utilikilt. It's just a bit different (the 5.11 kilt has a more "pant-style" waist, while the Utilikilt has a more traditional kilt waist), but I like each of them for different reasons. The 5.11 is made of lighter, more breathable material, so it's generally more comfortable overall. The biggest advantage of the 5.11--it's 1/3 the price of the Utilikilt.

One note, echoed elsewhere--use your normal 5.11 pant size to order. I mistakenly ordered a 36" waisted kilt, and I generally wear 34" pants (I like to carry inside the waistband, so I need a touch more room). The 36" kilt is HUGE on me, so it'll probably go up for sale in the not-too-distant (unfortunately). Luckily, I have a 34" kilt en route to me.

I take grief from my fellow shooters for wearing a kilt occasionally, and the guy who planted the idea in my brain is a bit of a toolbag from time to time, but it's probably the best garment for any active sport you're doing. For USPSA shooting, it's outstanding.


Great kilt!

By Charlie

from Utah

This is a great kilt if you are new to wearing kilts like I am. It is a great price and well made. I am looking forward to buying another when it becomes available again.

The only complaint I have is the cargo pockets. while it's nice to be able to take them on and off or switching sides. they don't secure or attach at the bottom, so quick access to the pockets isn't easy. I would suggest to 5.11 to put velcro or snaps at the bottom of the pockets for easier use.


Excellent product by 5.11, Very pleased!

By Turbo Joe

from Tampa, FL.

Great kilt for the money! I use this as casual wear and it is very comfortable. I recieve many compliments and have posed for many pictures while wearing this. The ladies LOVE IT! My only complaint is opening the velcro on the cargo pocket causes it to pull up, just needs a snap or stitch at the bottom to prevent this, easy fix. If you are on the fence about buying one, GET IT, you wont be disappointed! I just wish they had them as a regular item, I would buy more when I had spare cash.

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