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Style# 73318

Tactical Duty Kilt

(86 Reviews)

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Purpose Built

A standard kilt says you're a man. A 5.11® Tactical Duty Kilt says you're a bad man. Built from lightweight, all but invincible Taclite® ripstop fabric, with reinforced triple-stitching and a TEFLON® finish, the Tactical Duty Kilt is durable and comfortable. Featuring front slant pockets, TDU-style cargo pockets sized for multiple magazines, and belt loops sized for a 1.75" Operator Belt, this kilt packs a punch. Whether on duty, at the range, or in the woods, you'll have the freedom and firepower man was made for.



  • Durable, comfortable tactical kilt
  • Enhanced range of motion and storage options
  • Ideal for the range, casual wear, and the Highlands



  • 6.14 oz. polyester/cotton Taclite® ripstop fabric
  • Triple-stitching at seams and major stress points
  • Reinforced front slant pockets
  • Interchangeable TDU-style cargo pockets sized for AR magazines
  • Belt loops sized for 1.75" Operator Belt
  • Mounted D-rings
  • TEFLON® finish

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 86 reviews)

94 %


The Breeze between the knees.

By Kilt Klan Airsoft .J


Let me say I have run my 5.11 Kilt Though hell and back in a full year of use. And it's been the best year of games so far. The first Time I saw this kilt and saw heritage last year, but know I see friendship and a icon. That icon is sportsmanship and friendliness to put others before yourself. That icon is a group of guys running around, sliding,crawling,vaulting, and helping all thanks to a Great Product. Let me just say I loved the kilt so much as well as the rest of my team(Came to be because of the 5.11 tactical kilt) Inow a year latter are buying 2 more because I want different colors. While my 1st still runs strong. Seams still strong pockets buckles and more. Love it. The Side pockets are. Removable buy Velcro and 2 push buttons. I had 10 pounds before I herd the Velcro start to move. I had airsoft Glock mags (pot metal) 5 all around 2-3 pounds it still holds but I wouldn't run like that a sit slapping hurts 2 at max. The side pouches can hold 3 AK mags as well or two G36C mags. Witch is pretty sweet. I live inTexas and it gets pretty humid and hot 100+. Now normal paints don't allow airflow to your lower half witch raises your core temp. While the kilt as stated above there is a breeze down there, witch pared with a cold rag around your neck and head. Will keep you very cool. Now it also rains hear aswell and (shocker right?) but think about this its in the shape of a umbrella while its water resistant so the water doesn't dwell and has a way to funnel off away from your legs. Now because it is open it dries even faster and you don't feel as wet from it not touching your lower half. This thing has held up extremely well, From sliding on concrete, Mud, rain, a pocket fire( Enola gay smoke whent of in pocket was green inside)and, machine washable its held up very very well. This will last you a really long time. And CCL are fun with a drop leg under the kilt, new meaning to Flash Bang. Honestly I Give this a 5 out of 5 greatest clothing item ever. People always ask why the kilt? As a team we say "Becase with Balls like these they don't fit In trousers." Everyone always gets a chuckle. Honestly please buy this product I didn't sit here writing this to say it sucked I want to have you buy it Becase it is a great product!



By Brian


Finally got my first TDK and its awesome! I've been wearing it for three days in a row now and I love it. I have two traditional kilts, but I have to bring a slling bag for all my stuff, but with the TDK's pockets I'm always good-to-go!Too bad you guys dont have this in the Philippines where I'm at. I had to have somebody buy it for me there in the U.S. I hope someday I can order it at your stores here in Manila. I plan on buying more, cheers!


Awesome Kilt

By Jr


Love my Kilt. It will stand up to just about ANYTHING I put it around..Love it.
The ONLY Reason it's a "4" is the repeated inability to acquire the desired color/size I wanted.


Well built kit!

By Eric


I just ordered my 6th or 7th TDK, and I have others, but nothing as good at this price point! Now if I can get my hands on a Battle Brown TDK before they sell out, and get 5.11 to make matching sporran/pouch that would attach easily.....


Yeah Pockets!!!

By J.C. or G.I.C.


I LOVE THESE!!!! I'm a disabled vet, legs, back, shoulders. I agree with SSG ROD. Easy to get dressed when movement is limited. I now own 4. They are comfortable, durable, and easy to wash The design eliminated the need for a "kilt Pin" to hold the front panel down.
These are better then "Tactikilt" by far. Stay away from eBay imports!
They need to sell extra/replacement pockets accessory section. I know I would love to have a bunch of extra pockets. Perhaps a "CCW Tactical Sporran"as well.


Very Nice

By ifftster


I wear several other kilts, but this is my first 5.11 TDK. I am very pleased with the fit and feel of this kilt and it seems to be well made. The rip stop material makes it one of my lighter kilts and the large cargo pockets are a plus. I do miss not having a back pocket for my wallet, but I just slip it in one of the front pockets. The sizing of the kilt seems to match up with pant size vs the waist (traditional kilt). Definitely need another.


Awesome for Wounded Vet

By SSG Rod


I own three TDKs, Brown, Green, and Khaki. I got the first one shortly after being hit by a truck while walking across the street and it made dressing so much easier that I keep getting more. I don't have full knee flexion so anything other than my Army PT Pants/sweats are difficult. I also wear a brace that is too bulky to fit under normal pants. I get lots of complements (although since I am female, my fellow females keep calling it a skirt...sigh). Now, if only I could convince my CSM that a multicam one is a legit part of the uniform.


Best Decision Ever

By J.K.


Once I had it on, I didn't want to take it off. It is quite simply the greatest thing I have ever bought. I am very sure I will be buying another. I wore the khaki to The Ohio State University Spring Game. Got looks both ways, but I didn't mind.


Rockin' it!

By Miko


I have one of the first run kilts. (I think the choices were khaki or black) I always get comments (good & bad) when I wear it. I love mine. I am going to have to get another one. I'm thinking the multi cam...


FT Bragg

By DooDah


I have five now and love em. They are back in stock.

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