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Style# 59509

5.11 Zero-G Plates™

Average rating of 80%
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Purpose Built

After four years of testing and development 5.11® is proud to announce the release of our Zero-G Plates, a revolutionary new modular load bearing system that dramatically increases the efficiency and comfort of your duty belt. Engineered to complement the body's natural structure, 5.11 Zero-G Plates™ distribute weight evenly across the hips and down the femur, minimizing pressure against the spine and abdominal muscles while providing a stable and secure platform for all your gear. Crafted from low-profile non-reflective carbon fiber, 5.11 Zero-G Plates™ are tough, durable, lightweight, and integrate easily into your existing Sierra Bravo Duty Belt while providing a clean and professional appearance.


  • 5.11® Exclusive modular load bearing system
  • Amazingly comfortable, thoroughly professional
  • Promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue
  • Works directly with our Sierra Bravo Duty Belt 59505


  • Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber
  • Non-reflective
  • Overmolded on all side areas for comfort
  • Inner hook sided panel adheres to liner belt
  • Compatible with your existing keepers
  • 5.11 Zero-G Plates™ Instructions
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews


(based on 2 reviews)

80 %

Almost there


From Todd


Plain and simple, my duty belt feels SO much lighter with this. Standing feels so much better. Sitting is another problem entirely.

I have had to adjust some equipment locations to accommodate the straps but I will survive that. I'm now searching for a magazine pouch that doesn't dig into my thigh when sitting. These blades seem to increase the pressure on front mounted equipment when seated.

My one complaint is the incorrect velcro (the hook part) on the inside of the plates would be better served on the outside of the plates. Additionally, loop velcro should be applied to the inner surface. As it is, the hooks on the inner surface don't mate well with the hooks from my inner belt and the belt is a little sloppy sitting on the outside of the plates without the Velcro to secure it.

Worth every penny.


From Matthew


I am in decent shape for a police officer however I have a history of a herniated disc in my lower back. My normal pistol belt configuration with belt keepers put pressure on my lower spine which resulted in pain and discomfort. I purchased these and put them on my pistol belt and immediately felt a difference. It feels as if the belt floats around your waist with the weight distributed much better. Don't need belt keepers of used with a inner belt that has Velcro on the outside.

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