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Style# 51130

WeaPen Tool AR

Average rating of 60%

Purpose Built

Inspired by the distinctive look of an AR15, the WeaPen Tool AR was designed by retired US Army Ranger Justin Gingrich, and is built to make quick adjustments and fixes to your AR whilst functioning as a Phillips screwdriver, writing pen, defensive weapon and four- and five-prong front sight adjustment tool.

Features & Benefits

  • Serves as a self-defense tool
  • Includes four & five prong sight adjustment tools
  • Includes #1 Phillips screwdriver bit


  • Textured aerospace aluminum body
  • Fits in chest & sleeve pen pockets
  • Fisher Space Pen® black medium point ink cartridge
  • Precision-ground screw threads
  • Spring Steel pocket clip
  • Imported
Product Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

 3 average rating

(based on 2 reviews)

60 %

I expected more from a product priced at $59.99.

 Rated 3.0 stars

From William


This product has three main issues:
1. Poor Pocket Clip Design.
2. Defective pen capsule.
3. Hazardous sight adjustment prongs.

1. The most disappointing and frustrating flaw is the pocket clip attached to this as well as its WeaPen Bitmag counterpart. When clipped securely in ones pocket, the clips elevated design allows it to very easily get snagged on something and bend out of shape, rendering it useless as a clip. It's happened on both my WeaPen AR and my WeaPen Bitmag. I'm currently corresponding with 5.11 to possibly get some replacement parts or something, because the clip barely lasts a week if you keep it in your pocket.

2. To use the pen, you have to twist the main barrel of the pen to the left and remove the top tube. However, to access the ink cartridge, you twist the pen (with the top tube removed) to the left as well. At the bottom of the threading of the pen and top tube, there is a rubber O-ring, presumably as some sort of weather lining or something (I'm not totally sure). However, this rubber O-ring is loosely wrapped around the bottom of the threading, which subjects it to be moved up and down the threading gradually as one uses the pen. When the O-ring gets moved upwards on the threading (which happens every other time you use the pen), it can frequently get caught on the top tubing, and the two get stuck together. Therefore, when you attempt to twist the top tube off to use the pen, you actually just take pens ink cartridge out, with the pen tip still stuck in the top tube. In order to avoid this, you'll need to ensure that the rubber O-ring is set at the bottom of the threading after EACH use before you close the pen.

Perhaps reverse threading access to the ink cartridge, as well as securely and permanently affixing the rubber O-ring to the bottom of the threading can resolve this issue.

3. Lastly, is the exposed sight adjustment prongs. I have actually cut myself three times by casually brushing my hand across the top of my pocket where the pen is tucked in. It's nothing serious, it's the equivalent of a cat scratch, and it builds character, but still, these tools should be safe when they're tucked away in your pocket.

Perhaps a protective topper of some sort could be beneficial. Something that could be easily popped off if someone needs to utilized the sharp prongs as a self-defense tool.

Overall, I like this product, but for $59.99, these tiny issues should be non-existent.

Nice piece of equipment!

 Rated 3.0 stars

From Mar


Found this item to be very well built and it is practical to use.
There is a rather big exception though, there is not a way to "cap" the ball-point pen, unless you have the bit (screwdriver) option out. And then even at that, it is also is not able to be "capped".
Putting a "constant out" ball point into your pocket or any other area is not really a good idea... ink will get onto whatever you place it into.
And if you cap the screwdriver/bit end, then you have the site adjustment end open and exposed.
May need to rethink this design for a pretty expensive pen/bit combo. Other than those major flaws, it is a nice item.
Thank you.

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