How to Build Out a Tactical Backpack With All Missions Packs

All Missions Packs – tactical backpacks and gear sets designed to meet any challenge you can throw at them – are the perfect choice when you need complete customization. AMP lets you choose from a wide range of gear sets, which you can attach with 5.11’s innovative HEXGRID® load-bearing system so you can mount and attach gear.

AMP Backpacks: Your Choices

First things first: Find a bag that fits your needs. All AMPs are outfitted with thermoformed, ergonomic back panels that mold to your back and come with a removable HEXGRID 9 x 9 Gear Set. Our most popular AMP 5.11 backpacks include:

  • AMP12™ Backpack 25L
  • AMP24™ Backpack 32L
  • AMP72™ Backpack 40L

AMP12 Backpack 25L

The AMP12 Backpack 25L gives you 1,525 cubic inches of customizable space. Its full clamshell opening main compartment, CCW pocket and internal loop platform panel make it ideal for a quick excursion or EDC.

AMP24 Backpack 32L

Perfect for an overnight mission, the AMP24 Backpack 32L has 1,950 cubic inches of interior space. With two large compartments, a CCW pocket, four side pockets and a bottom stash pocket, this is the perfect grab-and-go bag.

AMP72 Backpack 40L

With plenty of room for essentials and extras, the AMP72 Backpack 40L gives you enough space to bring everything you need for a few-day stretch. Featuring a side-opening compartment that can hold up to a 24-inch rifle, an aluminum back panel frame to protect your back against heavy lifts, and a rear compartment for hydration or your laptop, this water-resistant powerhouse can see you through the end of your mission.

The HEXGRID System

HEXGRID is 5.11’s multidirectional modular tactical gear system. Unlike MOLLE, HEXGRID lets you tailor your kit loadout with 12 angles of attachment. The HEXGRID load-bearing system is compatible with AMP bags, the All Missions Plate Carrier and several other 5.11 products.

Gear Sets for AMP

Gear Sets™ let you completely customize what you’re carrying, and with the HEXGRID System, you can work out the perfect placement. Check out some of our most popular gear sets:

  • Double Deploy Gear Set
  • 2 Banger Gear Set
  • Admin Gear Set

Double Deploy Gear Set

The most low-profile of all 5.11’s Gear Sets, the Double Deploy Gear Set is made from stretch-woven material. It consists of two side-by-side pockets with side-zipper entry, which you can use separately or together.

2 Banger Gear Set

The 2 Banger Gear Set gives you vertical mag storage, a roomy internal pocket and row of thick, elastic bungee, and an internal row that splits the pocket in half for easy organization.

Admin Gear Set

The Admin Gear Set features a main clamshell pocket that gives you extra internal organization. With multiple slip pockets for admin accessories and gear, these sets also include a built-in key fob, vertical storage and a secure back pocket for essential concealed items.

Putting Together a Tactical Backpack With All Missions Packs

Once you have your AMP and the right Gear Set, you can switch out gear sets as necessary. If you’re traveling, add the Admin Gear Set. When you’re deploying and want to have a pair of IFAKs handy, add the Double Deploy Gear Set. The best part is that you don’t need to invest in multiple tactical backpacks for different purposes – AMP bags are designed so you’ll ALWAYS BE READY.

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