How to Conceal Carry During a Workout

Running, hitting the gym or circuit training in public all carry risks – and for many people, leaving a firearm behind just isn’t an option. If that’s you, these tips will help you concealed carry safely during just about any workout.

WARNING: Obviously, you should make sure you’re allowed to carry your firearm concealed wherever you choose to workout. If you’re violating gym policy or state or federal laws by carrying a gun, you could lose your membership or CCW license, and even end up in legal trouble.

If you’re in the clear to carry concealed while you sweat, start with these basic tips:

  • Put gun safety first – use a workout holster with Level II or Level III retention
  • Wear longer shirts or looser clothing to avoid printing or exposing your firearm when you move
  • Think about downsizing your firearm
  • Find the right type of holster for the range of movement you need

Dive deeper into these tips and more below.

Concealed Carry Workout Clothing

Carrying while you work out is safer – and easier – if you’re wearing the right clothing. Opt for a holster top, like the 5.11 V-Neck Holster Shirt or 5.11’s Women’s Sleeveless Holster Shirt, or choose a longer undershirt that can conceal your firearm when you’re reaching, bending and moving. You can avoid letting others know you’re carrying by wearing a baggy workout shirt, as well.

Think About Downsizing Your Gun

The gun you normally carry could be a little too big for your britches when working out – literally. The point of concealed carry is to keep your firearm concealed, but if you’re toting a .44 Magnum, it’s going to be tough to hide. It might be worth switching to something with a slimmer, less bulky profile.

The Best Workout Holsters

Choosing a workout holster that works for you depends on how you exercise and what you wear. For most purposes, a shoulder holster – great for training while armed – or an IWB holster will allow you to carry safely. A holster pouch is a good choice if you’re training in uniform, provided that your uniform has the right pockets.

Workout Holster Hack: If you’re working out with an IWB holster, use a thick, adjustable nylon web belt. If the shorts or pants you’re wearing don’t have belt loops, you can still wear the belt on your bare waist beneath your clothes.

H2: Safety Tips for Concealed Carry During Workouts

  • Don’t clip your holster on gym shorts or yoga pants. They’re not made to support the weight of a gun, which can pose a safety hazard to you and the people around you.
  • Save the shower for at home so you don’t have to store your firearm in a gym locker and lose positive control over it.
  • Practice in your workout clothes in private before training in public to make sure your workout clothing doesn’t slow down your draw speed.
  • Stay alert – there’s a reason you’re carrying at the gym or while exercising outdoors, and you want to be aware of everything around you.

If you’re going to concealed carry when you work out, the right clothing and downsizing your gun can help. Because your safety may depend on your firearm, it pays to practice drawing while you’re wearing your workout gear. Now that you know how to carry concealed at the gym, on a run or anywhere else it’s safe and legal to do so, you can always stay protected while you pump up.

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